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15 Best Crypto to Buy Right Now on Reddit in 2022

Reddit is the largest forum and message board on the internet and has become a go-to for investing advice – including cryptocurrency discussion. With the hardcore fanbase many crypto projects have, the conversations on Reddit subs can be a good source of information and provide pointers towards which cryptos could be next to explode.

In this guide, we’ll review the best crypto to buy now on Reddit based on recent trends and chatter from Redditors. We’ll also explore the top Reddit crypto groups and subs before highlighting how to invest in crypto today – with low trading fees.

The 15 Best Crypto to Buy Right Now on Reddit

Before investors dive in and buy cryptocurrency, it’s crucial to research which assets have the highest growth potential. With that in mind, the list below showcases the best crypto to buy now, according to our Reddit review:

  1. FightOut (FGHT) – Overall Best Crypto to Buy Right Now on Reddit
  2. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Popular Crypto to Buy Right Now on Reddit
  3. RobotEra (TARO) – Potentially the Next Cryptocurrency to Explode in 2023 on Reddit
  4. IMPT (IMPT) – Top Reddit Crypto to Buy with IEO set for December 14, 2022
  5. Tamadoge (TAMA) – New Crypto with Huge Price Increase Following Listings
  6. Oryen (ORY) – Fastest Growing Crypto to Buy Right Now on Reddit
  7. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Popular Option for the Best Crypto to Buy Reddit
  8. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)Top Crypto on Reddit with Huge Potential
  9. DeFi Coin (DEFC)Best Crypto to Buy within the DeFi Sector
  10. Polkadot (DOT) – Exciting Interoperability Protocol with Long-Term Prospects
  11. Bitcoin (BTC) – Leading Cryptocurrency which is Trading at a Discount
  12. Algorand (ALGO) – Noted as the Best Cheap Crypto to Buy on Reddit Forum
  13. MobileCoin (MOB) – Popular Reddit Crypto Offering Near-Instant Transactions
  14. Kaspa (KAS) – New PoW Chain with High Security Level
  15. Fantom (FTM) – Best Crypto to Buy on Reddit for Scalability

A Closer Look at the Best Cryptos to Invest in on Reddit

The projects noted above represent the best crypto to buy right now on Reddit due to their solid development teams and high growth potential. Let’s dive in and discuss each of these projects individually, ensuring investors have the information needed to make an informed decision:

1. FightOut (FGHT) – Overall Best Crypto to Buy Right Now on Reddit

FightOut is a new move to earn a platform that rewards users with $FGHT tokens for pursuing a healthy lifestyle. $FGHT tokens provide access to FightOut’s app and real-world gyms, which will be located in key locations around the world.

While most M2E platform reward users only for steps taken, FightOut offers token rewards for movements, completing workouts and challenges, earning badges and growing the community.

To access the platform, users need $FGHT tokens, which are currently on presale. Investors wanting to get their hands on low-priced assets should act now while $FGHT tokens are in stage 1 — available at $0.016 per token.

The in-app currency is REPS, offered as rewards. Investors can use $FGHT to buy more REPS and redeem them for merchandise, subscription discount and remote consultations with fight coaches and personal trainers.

Investors also use $FGHT tokens to buy cosmetic NFT accessories for their avatars to create a unique character with hairstyles, tattoos and fashion accessories.
A user’s strength development reflects on their avatars. Once the avatar possesses sufficient strength, it can enter the metaverse and compete against other community members. The avatar’s training style and skills will contribute to winning fights and receiving tokens as rewards.

The FightOut app enables users to customize their workout and provides access to tutorial videos to ensure their form is correct and that they’re targeting their correct muscle group. Users can also attend classes via the app of live sessions.

Find out more about this coin by subscribing to the FightOut Telegram channel and by reading the FightOut whitepaper.

To enjoy all the features on FightOut, users need to buy $FGHT tokens. And 90% of the 10 billion capped supply are allocated to the presale. That’s the majority of the coins, and investors waiting for the coin to list on exchanges may be too late to the party.

2. Dash 2 Trade – Popular Crypto to Buy Right Now on Reddit

D2T logo

Dash 2 Trade is our pick for the best cryptocurrency to invest in on Reddit – and it could be set to explode in 2023.

The project launched its presale phase in October 2022 and attracted $500,000 in investment in the first 24hrs. At the time of writing, Dash 2 Trade’s presale has generated over $7.3m in funding.

Many crypto Reddit threads are discussing Dash 2 Trade, as it will help crypto traders and investors make more informed decisions on when to buy, sell, and hold tokens. Moreover, Dash 2 Trade will enable users to stay ahead of the competition by identifying new presales and alerting them to initial exchange offerings (IEOs) and listings.

dash 2 trade presale platform

Other dashboard features include trading signals that provide buy and sell opportunities, social sentiment and on-chain analysis to help users spot trends, a strategy builder and social trading tools.

D2T, an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum, is at the center of the ecosystem and will provide access to the dashboard. The dashboard comes in three tiers – Free, Starter, and Premium – each offering access to different levels of data and trading competitions.

Now in stage three, the Dash 2 Trade presale was meant to last for nine stages with 665 million tokens allocated.

However, in the wake of the FTX collapse and broader uncertainty in the crypto market, the Dash 2 Trade developers have decided to launch the protocol much sooner than expected, with the crypto market crying out for reliable investment tools.

Price Stage Amount Raised In Stage Token Allocation
$0.0476 $1,666,000 35,000,000
$0.0500 $3,500,000 70,000,000
$0.0513 $3,591,000 70,000,000
$0.0533 $4,663,750 87,500,000
TOTAL $13,420,000 262,500,000

The D2T presale will end after stage 4, with just 262.5 million tokens allocated for presale and 150 million already sold.

Dash 2 Trade’s bespoke presale scoring system – which ranks new projects out of 100 on a range of criteria including utility, tokenomics and team – will be especially crucial to prudent investors who want to invest with confidence.

For details on how to buy D2T tokens during the presale, read through our complete buying guide – while there is also a $150,000 D2T token giveaway ongoing.

The project boasts a fully doxxed team that was behind Learn 2 Trade – which has 70,000 global users – and has been KYC verified by CoinSniper. Also, the smart contract has been audited by SolidProof – which is why many believe D2T to be the best crypto to buy right now on Reddit.

For more information on the project, interested parties can read through the complete Dash 2 Trade Whitepaper and subscribe to the official Dash 2 Trade Telegram group.

Presale Started 19th / 10 / 22
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Transak
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment 1,000 D2T
Max Investment N/A

3. RobotEra – Potentially the Next Cryptocurrency to Explode in 2023 on Reddit

RobotEra logoDappRadar crypto industry reports have stated that crypto gaming tokens performed stronger than any other asset during the 2022 bear market.

Potentially the next big cryptocurrency according to Reddit within that huge market is TARO –  the native cryptocurrency of the RobotEra sandbox game project

Currently in stage one of a three-round presale, TARO will run the in-world economy of RobotEra’s multi-dimensional metaverse. Players can buy and trade Robot NFTs and virtual land in its ecosystem. The RobotEra world features seven continents – where players can create entertainment facilities, explore different regions and earn in-game rewards by mining, advertising and trading. 

The TARO token allows players to purchase Robot NFTs, digitally-created land, and mine minerals. With one of the most promising upcoming utility tokens, RobotEra has the potential to be the next The Sandbox – which increased by 1,000x during its ICO (initial coin offering). 

Those wondering what crypto to buy according to Reddit will be glad to know that RobotEra is an LBank Labs project. This should appeal to Reddit crypto investors who like to research a project’s background and growth potential in-depth.

Early investors can buy RobotEra on the ongoing first presale round for only $0.02 USDT. From a fixed supply of 1.8 billion to 270 million, tokens are distributed across three presale rounds. The TARO presale has a hard cap target of $6.93 million.

Investors can join the RobotEra Telegram Channel and read the RobotEra whitepaper to learn more about the project. 

Presale Started Q4 2022
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment 1,000 TARO
Max Investment N/A

4. IMPT – Top Reddit Crypto to Buy with IEO set for December 14, 2022

best crypto to buy right now reddit -

Wondering how the process of buying carbon credits works? Each user of IMPT has access to a range of ways to acquire carbon credits, including buying them on the IMPT marketplace or acquiring them while shopping. As such, everyone can support the effort to combat global warming.

As one of the best carbon offset programs, IMPT has attracted the attention of many investors and now the project is set for its initial exchange offering (IEO) after selling more than $20.5 million of presale tokens.

impt ieo - uniswap lbanl changelly

Decentralized exchange Uniswap will hold the IEO on December 14, 2022. Centralized exchanges LBank and Changelly Pro also have confirmed listings for IMP. Investors can buy IMPT from LBank on 14 December 2022 starting at 10:00 UTC. The IMPT Telegram group is the best place to stay updated about the exact times and dates for the listings.

The project has attracted huge attention on social media sites such as Reddit not only because of its rapidly-selling presale, but because it utilizes blockchain technology to offer a real-world solution to a global problem – the climate crisis.

Over 10,000 of the biggest retailers in the world – including Microsoft, Samsung and Macy’s – have affiliated themselves with IMPT to help individuals offset their carbon footprint as they shop online.

Each brand decides how much of the sales margin will go towards impact initiatives. Until the user has enough IMPT tokens to buy a carbon credit, the selling margin is kept in IMPT tokens in the user’s account.

The IMPT platform allows customers to invest in carbon credits while shopping also buy them directly from the platform.

IMPT carbon credits

According to the whitepaper, tokenizing carbon credits enables users to obtain them as NFTs. Additionally, the NFTs are shown in a decentralized ledger that anyone may follow – guaranteeing transparency and traceability.

Burned NFTs are delivered to a null address when the user retires carbon credits, removing all of their NFTs from circulation. This transaction is recorded on the blockchain, and the NFT is subsequently deemed unavailable. IMPT can mitigate fraud since all platform participant transactions are logged on a distributed layer. Additionally, consumers earn distinctive rewards when they retire their carbon credits.

Put simply, IMPT is a cutting-edge ecosystem for carbon credits enabled by blockchain technology. and, independent rating sites, rated IMPT as one of the best crypto projects of the year.

5. Tamadoge – New Crypto with Huge Price Increase Following Listings

TAMA logo

Next on our list is Tamadoge – the native cryptocurrency and multi-utility token of the Tamaverse. The Tamadoge crypto project allows users to participate in play-to-earn (P2E) games and compete to earn rewards with TAMA tokens.

The main feature of the P2E game is that it allows users to create, breed and trade virtual dogs, known as Tamadoge pets. These pets have been minted as NFTs via smart contracts and can be purchased at the Tama store. Each pet NFT has its unique characteristics, advantages and weaknesses. Users must strengthen and grow their pets over time before competing against the community to earn points on the monthly leaderboards.

Tamadoge NFTs

The winners are rewarded with TAMA tokens. Importantly, TAMA is a deflationary asset – as 5% of the tokens spent are burnt. A total of 30% of TAMA spent is allocated for marketing purposes, while the remaining 65% is used to distribute P2E rewards among players.

Eventually, Tamadoge looks to provide users with an Augmented Reality (AR) app, which will retain the P2E features of the web-based game.

With many exciting developments in the works, Tamadoge sold out its presale round after raising $19 million in just eight weeks. Despite launching in a bear market, the token managed to rise from a launch price of $0.01 to $0.03 – a 3x price increase.

best crypto to buy right now reddit - Tamadoge

In late September, Tamadoge was listed on OKX – one of the largest crypto platforms available in more than 100 countries. After being listed at $0.03 per token, Tamadoge reached an all-time high (ATH) of $0.194 – a 550% price increase from the token launch and nearly 2,000% from the early presale.

Tamadoge’s team even opted to launch their own NFT collection, which is available on OpenSea. The collection is split into three rarity levels, each offering various attributes and strengths. Users can buy Tamadoge NFTs, providing access to the upcoming ‘Tamaverse’.

Follow the Tamadoge Telegram Channel to stay updated with the latest news surrounding Tamadoge. Telegram admins will never DM you first.

6. Oryen – Fastest Growing Crypto to Buy Right Now on Reddit

Oryen is a new cryptocurrency getting tons of attention on Reddit right now – with the growth of its community set to explode.

The platform’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) recently launched and has been amassing an enormous following.

This explosive growth has its reason. Many investors are intimidated and insecure about complex staking platforms, but Oryen’s native currency, ORY, offers a solution.

The project features Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT), which provides automated yield to all users. As a result, human interaction is no longer required, and holders of ORY can generate hassle-free passive income.

Contrary to most other staking platforms, the yield provided is above industry standard, secured and guaranteed by a treasury and RFV wallet – a daily ROI of 0.177% will accumulate to a 90% annual percentage yield (APY).

In addition, all payouts are fully automated and guaranteed – even during periods of underperforming volume.

As an additional layer of safety, the ORY token and all related smart contracts are fully audited by SolidProof and therefore offer peace of mind for investors.

The recently launched ICO is selling out faster than expected due to the explosively-growing community, with many Reddit investors taking advantage of the early backer bonus of 15% (declining in each phase). Head over to Oryen’s Telegram and read through the whitepaper to learn more.

7. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Popular Option for the Best Crypto to Buy Reddit 

best crypto to buy right now reddit - Battle Infinity

Another option when it comes to the best cryptos to buy now on Reddit is Battle Infinity. Although Battle Infinity is relatively new, this play-to-earn (P2E) gaming ecosystem has generated massive momentum on social media – with the project’s Telegram group being the key place for community members to discuss the project (admins will never DM you first or ask for your seed phrase).

Battle Infinity is a blockchain-gaming platform that combines P2E gaming with NFTs – all within a rich metaverse setting. The items within this ecosystem are being touted as some of the best NFTs to buy, as each can be traded on Battle Infinity’s built-in NFT marketplace. These NFTs include in-game items, plots of virtual land, and even players from Battle Infinity’s fantasy sports game.

best crypto to buy right now reddit - battle infinity

This game allows users to construct teams and battle others, vying for the top place in the league. This game allows users to earn rewards denominated in $IBAT – Battle Infinity’s native token. These tokens can then be swapped for others through Battle Swap, the ecosystem’s native token-switching feature.

There are also crypto staking and additional P2E features within the ecosystem, meaning users can do everything they need on one platform. Regarding credibility, Battle Infinity is KYC-verified on CoinSniper and has been audited by, a leading German security firm.

Battle Infinity’s presale sold out in 24 days, and IBAT pumped after being listed on crypto exchanges. Now that IBAT is listed on major CEXs like LBank and boasts a fully-diluted market cap of over $23m, this Reddit cryptocurrency looks set to have a successful 2023.

8. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Top Crypto on Reddit with Huge Potential

best crypto to buy right now reddit - lucky block logoAnother pick for the best crypto to buy now on Reddit is Lucky Block. Lucky Block is a groundbreaking NFT competitions platform that looks to revolutionize how people can enter jackpot draws and win prizes.

Within the Lucky Block ecosystem, investors can buy NFTs that relate to specific categories. Once all the NFTs in a category are sold, Lucky Block will host a raffle and choose one lucky winner to receive the prize linked to that category.

best crypto to buy right now reddit - lucky block

These prizes are unrivalled within the crypto world, with a $300,000 Lamborghini and $1 million of Bitcoin just two of the prizes on offer.

LBLOCK is Lucky Block’s native BEP-20 token and launched to great success earlier this year before trending down like many coins during the bear market. Now that LBLOCK is trading at a discount, there’s an argument to be made that it could be one of the most undervalued cryptos on the market.

The project has also since launched LBLOCK V2, an ERC-20 token that eliminates the 12% transaction fees of the V1 token. Moreover, CEO Scott Ryder revealed in September 2022 that there would be a 1% monthly burn to reduce the supply drastically.

Overall, this project’s future looks exceedingly bright, with Lucky Block NFTs already making waves in the digital asset sector. With plans for metaverse integration, crypto education platforms, and large charity events on the horizon, now could be the ideal time to consider checking out LBLOCK.

9. DeFi Coin (DEFC) – Best Crypto to Buy on Reddit within the DeFi Sector

best crypto to buy right now reddit - DEFC logo

Another option for the best crypto to invest in on Reddit is DeFi Coin, currently trading at $0.059 and boasting a fully-diluted market cap of nearly $6m.

DeFi Coin is the native token of DeFi Swap – a decentralized exchange (DEX) hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. Although DeFi Coin was initially launched in May 2021, the coin has had a rocky ride due to developmental delays. However, following DeFi Swap’s launch in early May, the price of DEFC surged by around 300% in just a few hours.

best crypto to buy right now reddit - DeFi Coin review

As one of the best DeFi exchanges, DeFi Swap allows users to swap, stake, and earn interest payments through yield farming. Since DEFC is tied closely to the DeFi Swap ecosystem, the coin naturally benefits from the growth of the exchange. This is evidenced by the price increases following DeFi Swap’s launch, which hints at further bullish momentum when V2 and V3 of the platform are released in the future.

DeFi Coin has numerous ownership benefits, such as generating a passive income stream simply by holding the token. Since a 10% tax is placed on buy or sell orders, DEFC holders can receive regular income payments through a share of the accumulated tax. DEFC also has a built-in manual burning mechanism to ensure the coin is deflationary, leading to price increases over the longer term.

best crypto to buy right now reddit - DeFi Coin token

Given the recent price rises, the DeFi Coin subreddit has grown to 5,700 members, with even more becoming part of DeFi Swap’s Telegram group. Looking ahead, DEFC seems likely to have a solid future thanks to its ties to the exciting world of DeFi – making it a great way to gain exposure to this burgeoning sector.

10. Polkadot (DOT) – Promising Interoperability Protocol with Long-Term Prospects

best crypto to buy right now reddit - Polkadot logo

Those looking for the best crypto on Reddit for long-term potential may wish to consider Polkadot. Polkadot is one of the best altcoins for solving the problem of interoperability, which has plagued blockchain networks for years. As a multi-chain network, Polkadot allows individual networks to share information, drastically improving scalability.

Importantly, Polkadot still allows each chain’s owner(s) to govern it as they see fit, allowing them to benefit from efficiency increases whilst retaining autonomy. The Polkadot protocol’s native token, DOT, is integral to the ecosystem and is used for voting and staking. With more and more developers looking to create increasingly powerful dApps, Polkadot could have a solid future ahead of it.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

11. Bitcoin (BTC) – Leading Cryptocurrency which is Trading at a Discount

best crypto to buy right now reddit - BTC logo

Bitcoin needs no introduction, as it remains the world’s largest cryptocurrency as measured by market cap, according to CoinMarketCap. Although the price of BTC has been relatively volatile in recent months, the coin’s underlying use cases are still solid. Over 15,000 businesses worldwide now accept Bitcoin as a payment method – with around 14,000 Bitcoin ATMs now in operation.

These figures highlight the substantial reach that BTC has across the globe, which will only continue growing in the years ahead. Bitcoin has tremendous backing on Reddit, with the Bitcoin subreddit boasting over 4.7m million members. Much of the discussion on this subreddit has remained positive, even in the face of significant drawdown, with many Redditors noting that this is a great time to invest in BTC while it’s trading at a discount.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

12. Algorand (ALGO) – Noted as the Best Cheap Crypto to Buy on Reddit Forum

best crypto to buy right now reddit - ALGO logo

Algorand is a relatively well-known project, bursting onto the scene in 2021 when the price surged by 1,240% in just under a year. Although ALGO is down by 92% from November 2021’s highs, this blockchain network still has enormous potential. As such, many Redditors on leading subreddits believe that Algorand is trading at a discount relative to its ‘true’ value.

The Algorand network attempts to solve the infamous ‘Blockchain Trilemma’ by employing a Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol, whereby all ALGO coin holders receive validator rewards – not just the validators themselves. Currently, the Algorand network can handle over 1,000 transactions per second and achieve a transaction finality of fewer than five seconds, making it a viable alternative to other leading blockchains.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

13. MobileCoin (MOB) – Popular Reddit Crypto Offering Near-Instant Transactions

MOB logo

Another option for the best crypto to invest in on Reddit is MobileCoin. MobileCoin is a peer-to-peer (P2P) digital currency that builds on the models used by Stellar and Monero whilst also implementing zero-knowledge proofs.

Reddit crypto investing subreddits have latched onto MobileCoin since the protocol is open-source and utilizes end-to-end encryption to protect users’ payments. Moreover, MobileCoin can facilitate near-instant payments – all whilst being optimized for low energy usage.

The MOB price is up over 109% in the past month following the reveal that Twitter will bring back encrypted DMs. The code for this references a protocol linked to MobileCoin – prompting a massive surge in awareness of the token.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

14. Kaspa (KAS) – New PoW Chain with High Security Level

Kaspa logo

Many Redditors appear to believe that the best crypto to buy right now on Reddit is Kaspa. Several Reddit crypto trading threads have been discussing Kaspa since this Layer-1 blockchain still uses a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus in a unique way.

Kaspa aims to be as secure as Bitcoin, yet with much higher block rates. For example, the protocol can currently handle one block per second – yet the developers aim to boost this to ten blocks per second (or more).

Moreover, Kaspa offers instant transaction confirmation, which helps reduce transaction costs for the network’s users. KAS, the network’s native currency, has appeared on many cryptocurrency Reddit threads – prompting the token’s price to rocket over 415% in the past month.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

15. Fantom (FTM) – Best Crypto to Buy on Reddit for Scalability

Fantom logo

Concluding our discussion of the best crypto to buy right now on Reddit is Fantom. Fantom is a relatively new cryptocurrency that aims to rival the likes of Ethereum and Solana in the blockchain niche.

Fantom is a smart contract-compatible blockchain, making it ideal for dApp developers and NFT creators. Moreover, Fantom can 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) with a finality of just one or two seconds.

Due to Fantom’s efficiency and scalability, the network can offer low transaction fees, which are often less than one cent. Although the FTM price is down 32% from the highs of early November 2022, the need for alternative blockchain networks has made Fantom a popular topic on crypto Reddit threads.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

Best Reddit Crypto Groups

When researching the best crypto on Reddit, it’s a good idea to understand which subreddits are worth using and which are worth avoiding. To help streamline this process, we’ve done the research and narrowed the selection down to our top five Reddit crypto groups – all of which are reviewed below:


The go-to subreddit for investors looking to invest in cryptocurrency is r/Cryptocurrency. This Reddit group has 5.8 million members at the time of writing and has been around since 2013. Within r/Cryptocurrency, users of all experience levels can discuss any crypto project they like, with a dedicated ‘Wiki’ feature breaking down key points to keep in mind.

best crypto to buy right now reddit - Cryptocurrency Reddit

The great thing about r/Cryptocurrency is that users can filter the posts based on what they;re looking for. For example, users can filter by ‘General News’, ‘Strategy’, ‘Advice’, ‘Discussion’, and more. There’s even a ‘Daily Discussion’ thread where users can discuss the latest goings-on and trending tokens – such as AMP crypto on Reddit.


As the name implies, r/Bitcoin is the ideal Reddit group for those looking to buy Bitcoin or discuss its current trajectory. r/Bitcoin currently has 4.7 million members and is the longest-running subreddit on our list, having been created in 2010. Unlike r/Cryptocurrency, r/Bitcoin’s feed is dedicated to discussing Bitcoin – so other projects are best left to other groups.

This Reddit group offers several valuable resources, including a ‘Getting Started’ guide and a Wiki, helping beginners learn about the coin. There’s also a list of valuable podcasts to listen to and a ‘Bitcoin Chat’ feature for real-time updates. Finally, r/Bitcoin also has a dedicated ‘Daily Discussion’ thread for users to talk about Bitcoin’s current trajectory.


r/Binance is a subreddit dedicated to discussing topics related to Binance – one of the world’s best cryptocurrency exchanges. As such, much of the discussion is focused on new products or markets that Binance has offered and any regulatory issues that may arise in certain countries.

There’s also a dedicated ‘Binance Support Thread’ where users can ask questions and get answers from the community. The Reddit group also has links to download Binance’s desktop applications and links to all parts of the Binance ecosystem and social media channels. Finally, this subreddit also touches on specific projects listed on Binance, although these posts aren’t as frequent as on other subreddits. 


r/DeFi is a subreddit that focuses on discussing the best DeFi coins and protocols that are attracting attention within the market. This group contains just over 100,000 members and tends to contain more complex topics. Discussion focuses on all aspects of the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, including DEXs, tokens, and regulation.

best crypto to buy right now reddit - DeFi Subreddit

r/DeFi has a weekly discussion thread where users can interact and discuss the latest DeFi projects. There’s also a ‘DYOR Databank’ filled with great resources for researching a specific project. However, it’s worth noting that r/DeFi doesn’t have as much interaction as other groups on this list, with many posts only receiving a small number of comments.


Rounding off our list of the best Reddit crypto groups is r/WallStreetBetsCrypto. For investors who opted to buy GameStop stock in 2021, the term ‘WallStreetBets’ will likely sound familiar, as this stock-based subreddit contributed massively to the stock squeeze. However, r/WallStreetBetsCrypto is an iteration of this group focused solely on cryptocurrency.

As expected, r/WallStreetBetsCrypto has a ‘unique’ vibe, filled with retail traders interested in Reddit crypto bets. Much of the discussion is focused on the best low-cap crypto gems, with Redditors happy to take enormous risks for the chance at high rewards. Although many of the threads are humorous, some provide an in-depth analysis of penny cryptocurrencies.

Where to Buy the Best Cryptos

Now that we’ve covered what the best crypto to invest in on Reddit is, let’s turn our attention to the purchasing process. As mentioned earlier, Dash 2 Trade (D2T) and RobotEra (TARO) are two of the most talked-about tokens on Reddit – although they cannot currently be purchased through centralized exchanges since they are on presale.

However, investors can purchase many other coins on our list by partnering with a respected broker or exchange. Through our research and testing, we’ve found that eToro is an excellent option in this regard.

etoro logoeToro – The Best Place to Buy Crypto According to Reddit

eToro is commonly referred to as the best crypto exchange according to Reddit, boasting over 28 million registered users. The platform benefits from strict regulation and is regulated by the FCA, ASIC, CySEC, FinCEN, and FINRA.

One of eToro’s most appealing features is its transparent fee structure. When users buy or sell a cryptocurrency, eToro charges a flat 1% fee (plus the spread). eToro also allows positions to be opened from as little as $10 through the platform’s ‘fractional investing’ approach. Given that eToro now offers 78 cryptocurrencies to trade, this makes the entire process extremely user-friendly.

eToro crypto

eToro charges no deposit or monthly subscription fees, with the minimum deposit threshold also being only $10. Users can easily fund their accounts using a credit/debit card, bank transfer, or e-wallet. In terms of the latter, eToro has full support for PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller – all of which offer instant deposits.

The broker also boasts a stellar reputation for social trading cryptocurrency, facilitated through the ‘CopyTrader’ feature. This feature allows users to instantly copy the trades placed by other eToro traders with no added fees. Finally, eToro even offers a free crypto wallet app for all users – which is why many believe it to be the best place to buy crypto according to Reddit

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

Latest Reddit Crypto News

Finally, let’s take a brief look at some of the hot crypto news topics that were discussed on Reddit over the past week:

  • Redditors were frustrated with another red week in the crypto market, as most coins and tokens experienced price decreases. All told, BTC fell by 1.97% throughout the week, whilst ETH slumped by 6.08%.
  • Various Reddit threads discussed JPMorgan’s recent report, highlighting that 13% of Americans had held crypto at some point in their lives. Since the figure was only 3% before 2020, this is seen as evidence of growing crypto adoption.
  • Redditors were also concerned about Binance’s solvency (or lack thereof) after auditor Mazars removed the exchange’s proof-of-reserves audit from its website. However, blockchain firm CryptoQuant revealed that the audit was accurate and that Binance’s reserves are accounted for.

Best Crypto to Buy Right Now on Reddit – Conclusion

To summarize, this guide has taken an in-depth look at the best crypto to invest in on Reddit, reviewing the most talked-about projects and highlighting how market participants can make their crypto investment today. Similar to Reddit is Twitter, which also has a vibrant crypto community. Due to their similarity, we’ve also reviewed the best trending cryptos on Twitter.

FightOut is our top pick when it comes to popular Reddit cryptos, as it is already getting colossal attention during its early presale phase. The platform offers various tools and services designed to improve a user’s physical fitness and overall health.

Users receive rewards for completing workouts and challenges, and they can train at one of the FightOut gyms to be located soon in major cities globally.

FightOut – Next 100x Move to Earn Crypto

Fightout token

  • Backed by LBank Labs, Transak
  • Earn Rewards for Working Out
  • Level Up and Compete in the Metaverse
  • Presale Live Now – $1M+ Raised
  • Real-World Community, Gym Chain

Fightout token


What is the best crypto to invest in on Reddit?

Although hundreds of cryptocurrencies are discussed on Reddit daily, one of the projects garnering the most attention is FightOut. This move to earn platform offers rewards to users seeking to get fit. Another top crypto to invest in is TARO – the native cryptocurrency of RobotEra. Currently on stage 1 of a 3-round presale, TARO is priced at $0.020. 

What cryptos do Reddit users recommend?

The cryptos discussed in this article represent some of the most highly recommended projects by Reddit users. However, FGHT, TARO and IMPT stand out from the pack due mainly to their unique protocols and high price potential.

Which crypto has the most potential Reddit?

One Reddit cryptocurrency that stands out from the crowd regarding value potential is FightOut (FGHT. This crypto analytics ecosystem is designed to streamline the trading process for investors of all experience levels – meaning it’ll likely have a huge user base once released.

What coins should I buy Reddit?

Three of the most popular coins on crypto-related subreddits are FGHT, RobotEra, and IMPT. Although the decision of which coins to buy rests solely with the individual, these three projects have all generated tremendous hype on Reddit during the past few weeks.


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