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5 famous crypto influencers you should follow now!

Today, Cryptocurrency has become the buzzword everywhere. Almost every Crypto enthusiast is looking to either trade or invest in it. What is most intriguing is that the number of Crypto fans is increasing per day, leaving everyone in awe of this digital currency. This also paves the way for several Crypto influencers who are continuing to drive more traffic to this industry with their undying zest for Crypto and the best crypto wallet. Here’s more on it for your reference!

1. Vitalik Buterin

Did you know that Vitalik is one of the world’s youngest Crypto billionaires? Yes, Vitalik is also the founder of Ethereum, who is turning heads with his insane love for Crypto. This passion for continuing exploring Crypto and making a fortune from it is further inspiring others to at least trade in them or invest. At the moment, Buterin has nearly 3.9million followers on Twitter. On this platform, he shares his articles, reviews, and other blog posts on Cryptos that are bound to inculcate the same knowledge in you. So, go follow him now!

2. Roger Ver

Roger Ver is famously called “Bitcoin Jesus” today because he has exceptional knowledge in this Crypto. In fact, he is known to be one of the most influential and earliest promoters of Bitcoin in 2011. From Kraken to Bitcoin, Ver is known to have invested a fortune of money in these Cryptos. In fact, he is also said to be the first entrepreneur to have initiated accepting Crypto as a great source of payment. Right now, he has nearly 7,48,000 followers. If you want to keep learning about Ver’s interest in Crypto, make sure you go follow his Twitter handle right away.

3. Tim Draper

This exceptional mind has invested in several big ventures like Coinbase, Tesla, Skype, and even SpaceX for those who do not know. So, you can imagine his love for investments and making world-class returns on them. Today, he has nearly 2,30,200 followers on Twitter, which makes Draper very famous here. You can follow him on his Twitter handle to learn more about his investments in different firms and his love for Cryptos. He continually posts about Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on his Twitter handle, which are making all the difference today.

4. Charlie Lee

Did you know that the founder of Litecoin is also quite a prominent fan of investing in Cryptocurrencies? In fact, even his Twitter bio says, “Cryptocurrency Enthusiast.” Today, Charliee Lee is followed by a million followers. However, his following is bound to skyrocket with each passing day, wherein he inspires his followers to take an interest in Cryptos. Lee also likes to take his platform to share memes relating to Crypto news. So, his followers enjoy some humor along with important Crypto news. You could also become a part of this on time to learn more about Lee’s interest in Cryptos.

5. Tone Vays

Tone Vays is known for his radical take on economic freedom. This Crypto influencer takes to various social media channels like YouTube and Instagram to advise people on blockchain and finances. So, he functions as an independent creator to make a difference in the world of Crypto and inspire everyone. News on Bitcoin and Bitcoin trading is the most preached by Tone Vays on his social media channels. So, if you want to invest in Bitcoin or know more about it, we will advise you to follow him right away.

All of these Crypto influencers are dynamic in their own way. Make sure you follow them for the ultimate knowledge in the field of Crypto.

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