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AAVE Price Prediction: AAVE Price Predictions A weak uptrend for the upcoming session

AAVE bulls look weak to drive the price higher

  • AAVE is currently on a parallel channel with a 24 hour volume increase of 4.97%. The AAVE / BTC pair is currently seeing a 3.75% gain
  • Technical indicators for AAVE point to an upward trend in the upcoming session. There is also an increase in the volume of inflows to the exchanges

AAVE is a decentralized protocol that allows people to borrow or lend money. The AAVE price predicts good growth for the coming session. It has grown more than 943% since its inception. The coin’s ROI is more than 65000% and is currently growing by more.

AAVE currently ranks 22nd with a market capitalization of $ 5,519,754,539. The volume ($ 371,134,283) of the coin is up 46.45% today. AAVE’s volume to market capitalization ratio is 0.0813. If it is above 0.7, a buying frenzy can be recognized.

AAVE sees an increase in the inflow volume to be exchanged

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With AAVE coins, the inflow volume increases. It shows that fewer people believe in the coin. If the inflow volume does not decrease, the AAVE price can test the lower values ​​within a few weeks.

The positive sentiment on social media for AAVE is also growing. This can help the coin avoid the lower level test.

Technical indicator suggests a bullish move for the AAVE price forecast

Source: trade view

AAVE Price’s weekly technical chart forecast declining momentum. Upon reaching the daily chart, the AAVE price made a negative transition to the moving average of 50. The price for chain links is below 50 employees and over 100 employees. The 50MA (red) line is at $ 408, which is temporary resistance for the coin. The resistance for the coin, which is trending up, is at $ 450, and on the flip side, the price can see a surge of $ 400. AAVE has formed a parallel channel in less time. When the price is 10% above the AAVE, there is strong upward momentum. AAVE price can see a bullish move, but wait for it to test the lower end of the channel and see an upturn. The AAVE / BTC pair may also see a downtrend in the upcoming trading session.

RSI ( NEUTRAL): It’s worth 54 and shows its presence in the oversold zone. There is a small negative slope formation in the RSI, which indicates that the price may have a very small downtrend. The general feeling of neutral.


AAVE has seen significant growth in the past. The AAVE price predicts a strong upward trend for the upcoming trading session. The AAVE / BTC pair can see significant growth in the coming days. An investor should conduct due diligence prior to investing

Technical levels

Big resistance: $ 450

Main grant: $ 400

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