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After a successful summer, the COSMOS program visits teachers in the classroom | Columbia

Basil Masood revised the lessons on wave and IP address interference to make them suitable for middle school students at Mott Hall School rather than the high school students they were originally intended for. Other projects included one from Melissa Sanchez, who teaches at Salome Urena Leadership Academy, MS 322, who made her math classes suitable for middle school students, and another from Judith Damiao, who teaches at Martin Van Buren High School and improves laboratories which she conceived in summer 2020, which thematically ranged from the carbon dioxide uptake in plants to the analysis of flight routes.

After the end of the summer program, teachers presented their work and achievements at a final presentation on August 2, 2021, attended by program partners from Silicon Harlem and NSF program managers. After the teachers presented their work, NSF Program Director Dr. Alias ​​Smith, “The effort and work the teachers have shown today is just right for our young people – our middle schoolers, our high schoolers – and show them how technology and science are affecting their world and how they can use them to change their world, to make an impact in the world. “

Clayton Banks, co-founder of Silicon Harlem, closed the event by saying, “Broadband is essential to equity and opportunity, and COSMOS is leading the way.”

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