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Air Transat A321 neo LR Club Class Montreal-London – Business Traveller

As I was traveling with hand luggage (to avoid queues), I had wanted to check-in online ahead of arriving at the airport, but online check-in had not been working. The self-service ticket machines were also not working, so, I thought that my best bet would be queuing to speak to someone directly.

Eventually, I gave up my space in the Club Class queue and joined one of the random lines for the ticket machines which had started working again and thankfully succeeded in getting a boarding pass. The machine said that boarding would begin at 2105, and the airport screens were not giving any hint of a delay, so I was pleased but doubtful.

I walked quickly to security at 2044 and proceeded to the priority queue, which was quick compared to check-in. Once through, I headed straight to Gate 53C which meant scanning my boarding pass to reach the international part of the terminal. It continued to be chaotic, with passengers having to jump out of the way of those running and shouting with bags flailing to reach their flight.

The international terminals area was extremely busy, and all the shops and restaurants were closed apart from the sit-down U Bar, which looked at capacity, and a small stall selling drinks and crisps at extortionate prices.

The queues can be somewhat explained by the fact that this coincided with the end of a holiday weekend in Quebec, though the security staff told me that this was normal for a Sunday.

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