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Antelope Swiss Workshop #18 – January 23rd, 2023 – Season 4 – “The collaboration between the EOS Digital Networks is the graal”. – Bywire Blockchain News

Thanks to Antelope and their blockchains (EOS, WAS, TELOS, UX) and more Inter Blockchain Communication, EOS Digital Extended Networks (EOSDen) will be the trend on 2023. Extended in the sense, we want to interoperate between humans (users). In order to see that happening, Sybil attacks have to be addressed in the EOS Digital space and their Networks.

Eden Fractal, EOS Bees, Pomelo have in common the Sybil protection and NFTs as proof of membership with robust and deterministic processes in their protocol allowing the creation of future DAOs.

We are seeking the Killer App, we are just sat on it.

“The collaboration between the EOS Digital Networks (EOSDen) is the graal”.

Find out here several interviews in this Antelope Swiss Workshop #18, the first of season 4 – January 23rd.

With Daniel Keyes – CEO of EOS Nation and Lead of Pomelo Team

  • Closing of Pomelo Season 4
  • Pomelo Season 5
  • Collection by Daniel Keyes For Eden On EOS as a delegate L1
  • Bounty concept

With Jesse Jaffe – CEO of EOS Bees

  • Twitter situation and how it benefit EOS Bees and EOS.
  • dEFi incentive mechanism
  • Showcase of tools (Transaction Checker through deFi Box), MindMap+Cockpit
  • To analyze the return of the Swarm Campains, ready for Pomelo Season 5.

With Rhett Oudkerk Pool – CEO of Zaisan

  • Presentation of the Tradeshows Q4 2022 and metrics
  • What does it mean to be GDPR compliant and how Antelope benefit the dApp developers in this regard

With Dan Singjoy – Vlad – Tadas of Eden Fractal

  • Current iteration of Eden Fractal and next steps
  • Reward the participants
  • The MSIG of Eden Fractal
  • The brainstorming sessions using the Sociocratic methodology
  • The concept of proxy
  • Eden Fractal as an EOS Digital Extended Network leading to more collaboration
  • Collaboration between circles

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