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ARCrypto starts COSMOS Private Coaching Academy

Are you curious about crypto? Did you swear that 2022 will be the year you’ll become a seasoned money maker in this burgeoning currency ecosystem? Then ARCrypto’s ARC COSMOS program recently launched through founder Swami Crypto may be just the thing for you.

The brand new mix of individual coaching and group learning academy focuses on teaching everyone the ins and outs of the crypto world. And because it’s personalized, the lessons can move at the pace the student needs, focusing only on what the student wants to explore.

Gven Sariol, also known as Swami Crypto, is the founder of ARCrypto. His new course is different from many others on the market in that it is specifically tailored to each student who contacts him. Swami is deeply passionate about opening up the world of cryptocurrencies to all.

“I believe in mass adoption and equal access to crypto,” he said. “If we all learn from it and use our skills, the market will be better for it.”

Individual training

ARC COSMOS was started at the beginning of the year as a pure invitation program. After great success and flooded requests, ARCrypto decided to make the course public. The all-access training will officially start in January 2022 and is set to become the flagship program of the crypto company. According to Swami, the name of the course is an ode to the cosmos of the universe. The crypto expert believes that everything, including finances, moves in a harmonious, interdimensional and networked flow.

The ARC COSMOS program differs from other leading crypto schools in that it combines valuable one-to-one tuition with intimate, small-group tuition. All instructors firmly believe that there are no stupid questions and take pride in their patience and ability to teach complicated topics in an easily accessible manner. Topics covered include security, smart contracts, staking and farming as well as using DeFi and NFT gaming as your own bank.

Swami’s teaching approaches accept that students learn in different ways and at different speeds. He knows that what is easy for one student may be difficult for the next, or that it simply needs to be explained differently.

In addition to one-on-one discussions with certified educators, there are also group chats, courses and group events for students. These include Swami’s Saturday School and Late Nights with Swami Sessions, where the lessons are brought to life through exciting live online events.

Certified trainers

All individual coaching of the crypto company is led by certified educators, whose knowledge of the crypto world has been thoroughly checked. Each trainer has also learned how to teach this complicated material and break each topic down into manageable lessons that include theoretical and practical units.

The ARCrypto team teaches students about each type of token, the differences between them, how to use them, how to get into the world of crypto investing safely and much more. The lessons also cover technical analysis, diversifying crypto investments, and mastering the DeFi protocols that enable students to maximize their returns.

After adequate education, graduates of the ARC COSMOS program will be able to generate innumerable passive incomes and build generational wealth for their families. With these skills, there is more freedom for what they really want in life, from travel to time with family or a great hobby or passion.

While many other programs insist that their trainers are seasoned traders, most of them lack the real certification that allows students to fully engage and invest in their programs. At ARCrypto, Swami and his team are certified experts in this field.

Share the wealth

“Cryptocurrency is the greatest wealth transfer of all time,” said Swami of the emerging currency field. “Lots of people can call themselves crypto gurus, but my passion for making sure that my students really understand what I am telling them is what sets this program apart. I’m not here to make money teaching; I’m here to teach you how we can all make money. “

It is this attitude and the desire to create a level playing field that led Swami to found ARCrypto and share his passion for cryptocurrencies with the masses. The teacher invites students from all backgrounds to work with him and his hand-picked team of crypto guides.

About Swami Crypto

Swami Crypto is passionate about bringing crypto to the masses during the greatest wealth transfer of all time. He makes crypto accessible to everyone and is dedicated to building a community. He has spoken on stages in the United States. To learn more about his private crypto training program, please visit

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