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On May 30th, the FVNI Development Society, in partnership with,, Electron Cash,, and a variety of individuals and companies in China, launched a new fundraiser to help the software engineers who do the technical Development of the Bitcoin Cash Network. The goal for Phase One is to collect 800 BCH by August 1, 2019. BCH backers can help develop funding by visiting, the home page, and a number of other websites.

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Help fund the Bitcoin Cash Roadmap

The developers of Bitcoin Cash need support from the community, and most importantly, businesses to keep executing the roadmap and becoming peer-to-peer cash for the 7.7 billion citizens of the world. The Executive Director and Co-Founder of the FVNI Development Society, David R. Allen, coordinated a multi-group fundraising campaign to allow the business community and individuals to help fund many developers who are of great benefit to the BCH ecosystem. FVNI is a not-for-profit organization that supports Bitcoin Cash software developers and supports projects such as Bitcoin ABC, Electron Cash, and the website.

BCH Businesses launch development fund for Bitcoin Cash

FVNI was founded as a non-profit company in early 2018. Allen told that it was clear that an organization was needed to support the work of many teams and projects working on the infrastructure that is the foundation of the growing Bitcoin cash economy. The grants are awarded by a selection committee mandated to invest in the technical development necessary for the long-term success of Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash has the potential to increase economic prosperity around the world. By supporting infrastructure development, the recently announced fundraising campaign aims to bring us one step closer to that. To date, over 100 BCH have been raised since June 1, and supporters have been delighted to see how easy it is to donate.

A backer who discussed the topic on the Reddit forum r / btc noted:

Done – I hope everyone donates a little to this cause. As Amaury said, we need to invest in the infrastructure and development of BCH. With your donation you support those who support economic freedom.

BCH Businesses launch development fund for Bitcoin CashThe Bitcoin Cash Development Fund can be found on four different well-known BCH websites.

Currently, staff can support the BCH developers on any of four websites:,,, and On the homepage of there is a window of the Bitcoin Cash Development Fund in which a QR code for the BCH donation address is displayed and which can also be copied and pasted. From time to time the window will flash orange when a new payment comes in so people can see the donations in real time. It also gives a percentage of how much of the 800 BCH has been raised so far, how many donations have been made, and how many days are left to donate. At press time, there are 57 days left to donate to the Bitcoin Cash Development Fund.

BCH Businesses launch development fund for Bitcoin CashAt’s fundraiser, side donors can choose to donate to the general fund or to a specific development team. Developers are essential to the continued success of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a global currency for the world.

Bitcoin Cash is an essential tool for those who need permissionless money

When a BCH advocate visits they will see the same types of data so users can see how much has been donated so far and make a contribution. The portal has four different development teams to which donations can be made: Bitcoin developers ABC, Unlimited, BCHD and Bcash. Visitors to the page can also donate to each of the teams using the Badger Wallet. If you’re a Badger Wallet user, just hit the “Donate to Badger” button and you’ll be taken to the Badger application. If you don’t know which team you specifically want to donate to, you can simply donate to the BCH General Fund and your donation will go towards the development of Bitcoin Cash. All funds raised help drive technical development and areas that maximize BCH’s success.

BCH Businesses launch development fund for Bitcoin CashThe executive director and co-founder of the FVNI Development Society, David R. Allen.

Since the fundraiser started, spoke to David R. Allen about the latest Bitcoin Cash Development Fund.

“Bitcoin Cash was designed to provide economic freedom to everyone in the world,” said Allen. “It is also a very important tool for a large number of countries in need of permissionless money and regions where the majority of citizens are under-banked. The developers behind the scenes work tirelessly every day to improve the protocol so that it can be the scalable cryptocurrency that Satoshi designed. “Allen continued:

Software infrastructure and engineers create a strong foundation for BCH, and those who have built businesses in the chain need a reliable network. This can only be done through constant and careful maintenance of the protocol, which requires clever and innovative software developers.

Allen stated that the current campaign to increase BCH 800 is the first phase of targeting the immediate needs of developers. Following this campaign, stable ongoing financing and business support for the long-term development of the infrastructure will be sought. If you’d like to support the vision of peer-to-peer cash for every individual in the world, visit or and donate to BCH development today.

What do you think of the Bitcoin Cash Development Fund? Let us know what you think about this project in the comments section below.

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