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Best Bitcoin Casino USA – Is it Legal? Best alternatives

The legal world is complicated, especially in the United States. It’s especially complex with regards to gambling. And then when you add the further legal conundrum of cryptocurrencies into the mix, there’s an additional challenge: is the best legal bitcoin casino.

Currently best legal social casino options

#2 heart rate
#3 Golden Heart Games
#4 Fortune Coins

That’s why, in order to help you find the best Bitcoin casino USA for you, you’ll first need to understand what’s legally available in your state. This page is all about providing exactly that. It’ll cover all the details on the legality of both gambling and Bitcoin, along with a breakdown of how to make the most of whatever’s available.

Understanding the legality of gambling and Bitcoin in the USA

Let’s start with the easy part. Bitcoin is legal throughout the United States at the time of writing. Anything you should be able to buy with USD should be legally available for purchase via Bitcoin.

The legality of real money casino betting depends on the state. The overwhelming majority of US states do not allow you to play casino games for cash, with the exception of a few like New Jersey, Michigan, and West Virginia. However, there is a way that you can play your favorite casino games with the chance of actually winning money, legally in almost every US state.

The sweeps casino alternative

So, how is the above possible in states where online casino gaming is generally illegal? It’s through the magic of sweepstakes casinos.

These are casino sites in which you don’t have to deposit any funds to play. It’s not gambling. Instead, you play the games with in-site funds commonly known as Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins.

The social casino experience – from site quality to game variety – has the potential to be every bit as good as a real money equivalent. An example of a social casino we would consider to be world-class is

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List of best legal sweeps crypto casinos

#2 heart rate
#3 Golden Heart Games
#4 Fortune Coins

This operator offers great games on a fantastically easy-to-use platform. They’re also crypto-friendly, meaning that if you prefer your prizes via crypto such as Bitcoin, that’s entirely possible. This means that most Americans can enjoy casino betting online legally, legitimately and to a high standard. That said, do check with the laws in your individual state. In the likes of Washington DC, for instance, they’re prohibited.

Best Bitcoin Casino USA - Is it Legal?  Best alternatives

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Five quick top tips for social casino newcomers

Not only are social casinos available for almost all Americans, but you can enjoy them even more by simply paying attention to the following quick tips:

1 – Focus on having fun

Social casinos are about enjoying your favorite casino games and having a great time. Keep that in mind and you’ll always be a winner.

2 – Check out

There’s arguably no better place to start your social casino adventure than the excellent Even if you decide there’s a sweepstakes option even better suited to your needs, they should set your expectations.

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3 – Utilize multiple promotions

Typically, a social casino will offer several different ways for you to collect Gold and Sweeps Coins at the same time. Go for the lot.

4 – Read the terms for yourself

This applies both in terms of the site generally and to specifics like how prizes are redeemed and how promotions work. The key to understanding them is through the terms and conditions. These may take a few minutes to read but should be more than be worth your while.

5 – Play a variety of different games

With the ability to play for free, you’ve got a golden opportunity to expand your casino gaming horizons by trying a broad variety of titles.

Social casinos are a great option for most Americans

It’s likely that you live in a state where real money casinos are illegal, while sweepstakes casinos are not. If that’s the case and you’re a big fan of casino games, then the social gaming option is a no-brainer – especially as many of them allow you to accept prizes and purchase Gold Coins with crypto. The best Bitcoin casino in the USA for most Americans is a sweepstakes one. In fact, even if real money casinos are available in your state, social casinos will also be legal. They’re worth considering if you want a site which focuses on the fun side of your casino favourites.

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