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Big Eyes Coin Set to Firepower Your Crypto Account Like Ethereum

2021 was the year the leading DeFi network and cryptocurrency, Ethereum, hit its current all-time high: $4,800. While the crypto community expects Ethereum to surpass its recent all-time high, it’s yet uncertain when.

The 2022 crypto crash, though expected to a limit, still came as a surprise to many crypto enthusiasts who couldn’t let go of the market FOMO at the time crypto was supercharging. The crypto crash liquidated many DeFi protocols, stalling many crypto launches, and heightening tension in the crypto industry.

The 2022 crypto year could be likened to the 2011 and 2017-2018 crypto years. This is why many analysts, if correct, believe that the following year [2023] may change the crypto market forever.

Big Eyes Coin is a new promising meme cryptocurrency available in the market. Although Big Eyes Coin is yet to be whitelisted in a cryptocurrency exchange as it is yet to complete its presale stages—it will soon announce a date for its ICO.

Big Eyes Coin made history when it announced it had raised more than $9 million in the first six presale stages and is set to hit more price targets with time. You can join this fast-growing community and possibly firepower your crypto account in the long term. Find out more about this.

Can Big Eyes Coin imitate the Ethereum 2021 market season to surprise doubters?

Ethereum’s 2021 market season was undoubtedly the best crypto traders have seen so far. With a bright Ethereum future in view, we can only enjoy the moments. Big Eyes Coin is set to imitate Ethereum’s most wonderful season to prove doubters wrong.

Big Eyes Coin in less than six presale stages has accumulated more than $9 million worth of token sales and is still raising more funds. This shows a promising future for its community which is already hyped for the expansion of the Big Eyes ecosystem set to introduce NFTs and high crypto liquidity.

Big Eyes Coin has already announced, through its whitepaper, a possible ecosystem where anything in DeFi is possible. As a top fan of Shiba Inu’s success, Big Eyes Coin takes crypto enthusiasts into the world of cats, as it seeks to explore and break new grounds in DeFi.

What Big Eyes Coin could bring to its community

Big Eyes Coin is a meme cryptocurrency made for the community and by the community. As a community-driven ecosystem, traders can only expect a growing ecosystem. Crypto communities are notable for their strong opposition to failure as everyone wants to get a share of the quality project.

The community will vote on the future of Big Eyes like in Shiba Inu. The community will also ensure there is orderliness within the platform, including the distribution of its products and liquidity. The community, in return, gets rewarded for their contributions through exclusive incentive programs.

Big Eyes Coin is also dedicated to giving back to society. According to information gathered on its tokenomics, 5% of the fees on the platform go to charity. This is a good way to encourage crypto and DeFi adoption worldwide.

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