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Big Eyes Coin Soar With Record Number Of USDT Deposits: Why Tether Is Becoming An Important Part Of Crypto Investing

As we enter 2023, the upcoming year is an interesting time for cryptocurrencies and investments in general. As the bear market continues and shows no signs of abating, many investors and crypto analysts believe now is the perfect time to buy into certain crypto coins. The safest and quickest way to do this is by using a stablecoin – a cryptocurrency that mirrors the stability and security of fiat currencies, paired with the innovation and blockchain technology of cryptocurrencies.

A new coin that is benefiting from the massive influx of stablecoins is Big Eyes Coin ($BIG), the latest and hottest meme coin to burst onto the crypto market. It has seen a particular influx of Tether tokens ($USDT) as it has soared past $13.5 million in purchases in its presale stages.

Tether Token: Why The Stablecoin Has Taken A Large Portion Of The Crypto Landscape

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are often pegged to fiat currencies one-to-one. The benefit of this is that these coins, such as Tether, are minimally impacted by the bear market or collapses of wealth within crypto. This then offers a safe harbor for crypto investors to store their wealth. At the time of writing, Tether token is the third-ranked cryptocurrency on several market lists, showing the exponential growth and prevalence of USDT.

What this means is owning Tether tokens is an important part of any investor’s portfolio, for a number of reasons. It provides a safe place to store crypto wealth and stops the overall portfolio value from tanking. It also provides a quick, safe, secure way to invest in new and exciting crypto projects, especially those whose price is trending upwards and have huge profit potential.

Why Big Eyes Coin Is Going From Strength To Strength, And Why It Should Be Part Of Any Investor’s Portfolio

One of the hottest new crypto meme coins that is benefitting from an influx of Tether investments is Big Eyes Coin (BIG). Incredibly, Big Eyes Coin has raised over $13.5 million in its presale stages, despite the bear market. This shows that the project has extraordinary promise and with its dedicated community and team, it will push up to the upper edges of the meme coin market.

Big Eyes Coin has combined the fun and cuteness of meme coins with some serious utility. The team behind Big Eyes Coin knew it was important to add functionality to its coin if it wanted to succeed, and that’s exactly what it has done. They intend to launch an NFT service that will allow Big Eyes NFTs to be bought, sold, and traded online, with owners being part of the exclusive club called Sushi Crew.

The Big Eyes Coin also has serious charitable aims. It has a dedicated charity wallet that stores 5% of all $BIG tokens, ready to be donated to charities that aim in preserving our planet’s oceans and marine life. They also have focused on reforestation and have donated to that cause, too.

Big Eyes Coin is currently working through its presale stages, meaning it will be the cheapest it will be. The profit opportunity will soar as it continues to grow. Additionally, the Big Eyes team is continuously pushing promotions and contexts, in order to share the wealth and grow the DeFi sector. When purchasing via the button below, please use exclusive code BIGsave250 for BIG discounts and bonuses!

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