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Big Eyes Coin: The Best Meme Coin to Buy with the Potential to Match Tron and Algorand in The Coin Market

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is almost becoming the next big thing in the crypto industry. Although it is relatively new, it is rocking the crypto space with mouth-watering features.

Noteworthy, an anonymous team developed Big Eyes Coin to generate wealth for its cat community. The project has also attracted many environmental activists to its ecosystem. This is because Big Eyes prioritizes the preservation of the ocean and has made this goal its charitable priority.

Remarkably, Big Eyes operates on the Ethereum blockchain network. Its ticker symbol is BIG. Users will use this for transactions and governance purposes in the community-centered ecosystem.

Big Eyes Offers $250 Thousand Giveaway Amidst Major Crypto Crisis

The month of November has recorded a crisis in the crypto industry. FTT, FTX’s native token, has endured a sharp drop in value and has been rooted in controversy. This, in turn, threatens other coins and the market’s stability as a whole.

The consequences have been tremendous. Many customers have been engaging in panic withdrawal of assets. Presumably, there are genuine concerns that FTX’s collapse will result in the loss of assets.

Sadly, many crypto projects are being affected drastically. For instance, Solana (SOL) has experienced a massive decline due to volatility. Other crypto projects are embarking on prudent operational policies.

On the contrary, Big Eyes is promoting giveaways. Big Eyes is organizing a $250,000 competition. The goal is to reward ten lucky users for associating with the cathouse project.

The criteria are simple. A participant is expected to own a minimum of $50 worth of BIG. This user has to share the competition notice on Twitter for more users to participate.

Interestingly, this competition will still be on for the next twenty-seven days as of writing. What this means for you is that there is still plenty of time to enter and tap into this charitable endeavor.

Comparing Big Eyes Coin With Tron Coin

Tron is a prominent, decentralized project offering its users flexible operationality. This project runs on the TRON blockchain network.

Tron adopts the legendary Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus network. This has helped it address scalability, speed, and security issues in the ecosystem. Tronix (TRX) is the native token of this decentralized protocol.

The Tron ecosystem is community-centered. It promotes data integrity along with watertight security. This helps it secure and store data about its operations. It has a protocol that manages users’ information. Tron does not leave this sensitive task in the hands of individuals.

Similarly, Big Eyes promotes security. The blockchain Ethereum, where it operates, is known for its tight security. Recently Ethereum has had a tremendous upgrade, and as a result, Big Eyes has become even more secure. Ethereum’s security can only assume the fears of owners of Big Eyes Coin.

Although volatility is typical in the crypto space, Big Eyes will be relatively stable and increase in value over time. It will be community-managed like Tron and will benefit its users.

Comparing Big Eyes With Algorand

Algorand is another decentralized project that prioritizes scalability and security. Algorand’s native token is ALGO. Among other things, holders of ALGO receive governance rights. This right allows them to participate in decision-making processes.

Algorand adopts a unique consensus mechanism called Pure Proof-of-Stake (PPoS). This technology has enhanced scalability in the ecosystem. For instance, it processes 1,200 transactions within one second!

Interestingly, Big Eyes records a similar feat. The transaction period in the ecosystem is short and speedy. Thus, users in the ecosystem are guaranteed ultra-high speed.

Algorand has experienced exponential growth in leveraging scalability and security, among other features. Following in Algorand’s footsteps, it is projected that Big Eyes will be a successful project.

How to Purchase Big Eyes Presale Token

Big Eyes’ presale offer is already in its sixth stage, and it has raised $9.5 million so far. Many crypto enthusiasts are embracing this meme coin.

You can join the cat collection and enjoy the mouth-watering giveaways Big Eyes is offering. If you are purchasing on your computer, install the metamask wallet. If you are purchasing on your mobile phone, install a Trustwallet. Then, fund your wallet with your preferred cryptocurrency: BNB, ETH, or USDT.

Then assess the presale wallet via Connect your wallet, and complete the purchase. We can also offer an exclusive discount on Big Eyes Coin: BIGE503 which will only sweeten the already enticing offer that BIG offers.

Conclusion: A New, Must-Have Cat on the Block

No meme project offers consistent giveaways like Big Eyes. Big Eyes is indeed a trail blazer! It is providing wealth to crypto lovers in its ecosystem. What is stopping you from tapping into this rewarding crypto project? For all things Big Eyes, follow the links below:





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