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Binance Starts Cardano Node Updates In Preparation For Vasil Hard Fork As Upgrade Edges Closer

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Vasil hard fork edges closer as Binance starts node upgrades.

In a 13-tweet-long thread on Thursday, Input Output Global (IOG) reveals that the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance has started upgrading its Cardano nodes in anticipation of the Vasil hard fork.

“Binance has announced they are updating their Cardano node; so we’re on the way… kudos as ever to the cardano exchange team for supporting this process.”

@Binance has announced they are updating their #Cardano Nodes; so we’re on the way… kudos as ever to the @cardonostiftung exchange team for supporting this process👏


— Input Output (@InputOutputHK) August 25, 2022

It is worth noting that the Vasil hard fork is one of the most important blockchain upgrades of 2022. The hard fork promises to improve Cardano’s security, scalability, and smart contract performance, allowing developers to build more efficient and secure decentralized applications (dApps) on the network.

Notably, the upgrade has faced several delays in the past. As IOG founder Charles Hoskinson revealed, the upgrade failed to launch at the end of July as developers discovered bugs in node 1.35.0 that resulted in 3 different versions of the script, which had to undergo extensive testing. Developers have since decided on node 1.35.3 as the final node version for the Cardano upgrade, and preparations for the upgrade look to be progressing accordingly.

As disclosed by IOG, no new bugs have been discovered, only nine minor bugs remain in the backlog, and there is currently nothing that is standing as a blocker to the hard fork. Notably, over 40% of block-producing stake pool operators (SPOs) are already running on node 1.35.3. It represents a 10% increase in 48 hours, as The Crypto Basic reported on August 23 that about 30% of block-producing SPOs were running on the latest node.

Mainnet node status:

↗️SPOs/nodes: SPOs running node 1.35.3 (the #Vasil release candidate) now account for 40% plus of mainnet block production in the current epoch.
📋 The metric we’re chasing is 75%.

Data courtesy: @cexplorer_io @PooltoolI 🙏


— Input Output (@InputOutputHK) August 25, 2022

IOG reveals that the target for the team to launch the upgrade is 75%, adding that overall, 57% of the nodes on the Cardano mainnet are already running on node 1.35.3. Meanwhile, dApps have not been left out as the team reveals that 4 of the top 10 Cardano dApps by TVL are running extensive tests with node 1.35.3 on the testnet.

4 out of the ‘Top 10’ (by #Cardano TVL) have thus far confirmed to us they are actively testing against node 1.35.3 on the pre-production testnet. We’ll keep you posted as this number go up! 📈 😀


— Input Output (@InputOutputHK) August 25, 2022

In recent weeks, Hoskinson has had to debunk claims that node 1.35.3 has not been properly tested and that the Cardano upgrade is being rushed. Decrying the bad press that Cardano has attracted, Hoskinson noted that some parts of the crypto community now believe that the upgrade will not launch this year which he says is bizarre considering that they are so close.

However, recent announcements indicate that the team is unfazed and on track to carry out the upgrade when all set metrics are met. Notably, earlier in the month, the team stated that getting things right was the top priority.

Sentiment Feed noted on August 16 that Cardano sentiment is at its most positive since April.

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