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Bitcoin Cash, Aave, Maker Price Analysis: March 30th

Bitcoin Cash expected strong signals to break the coveted $ 600 mark. Aave could move south and towards the USD 304.2 support level if price does not break its overhead resistance. Ultimately, Maker should move the Rangebound to a region that highlights the balance between buyers and sellers.

Bitcoin Cash [BCH]

Source: BCH / USD, TradingView

Bitcoin Cash traded below its 200 SMA level over the 4 hour period, which was a recurring theme in March. Getting back to the $ 507.5 level and flipping to a support line was a bullish move, but more signals are required for a comeback above $ 600. The ADX pointed south from 17, a sign that the bulls were losing strength in the market.

While MACD rose above the half-mark as BCH surged above $ 500 and the index’s histogram noted a weakening in momentum at the time of writing. A bearish crossover in the same would likely lead to a break in support for press time.

Aave [AAVE]

Source: AAVE / USD, TradingView

Aave saw buying activity around the $ 304.2 support as the price pushed north, but some resistance was seen at the $ 358.6 price level. The next trading sessions could confirm or reject the breakout of the above cap, and the latter outcome would likely result in a decline towards USD 340.

The OBV posted higher highs as buying pressures pushed price north from levels last seen during the late February retreat. Targets for the bulls were around the $ 400 mark while the next one was at $ 446.8. On the other hand is that Stochastic RSI Reverse direction from overbought zone and indication of withdrawal for Aave.

Manufacturer [MKR]

Source: MKR / USD, TradingView

Maker was rejected by the bears of the market as the price neared the cap of $ 2,271.5, a region difficult to break in March. MKR’s press time channel has largely shown a balance between buyers and sellers, and this is to be expected in the future too. The MACD Line was superimposed on the signal line but there was some bullish presence in the market,

The RSI north of 60 and a move towards the overbought region, while unlikely, would likely result in an upside breakout. The next resistance level was at $ 2,398.9, and the end of the consolidation period would likely push the cryptocurrency to that level.

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