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Bitcoin Mining Profitability in November 2022 Drops to Its Lowest in the Last 7 Years to Stand at 0.05 USD/Day

Bitcoin mining profitability had been increasing until March 2021 but has since faced a sharp decline. This is due to the crypto winter that’s currently affecting the industry and other factors such as high electricity costs and miners switching from Bitcoin to more profitable altcoins. According to, profitability stands at 0.05 USD/Day for 1 THash/s, making it difficult for smaller miners to remain competitive in the market.

Commenting on the data, Jonathan Merry, CEO of BanklessTimes, said,

What Causes the Drop in Mining Profitability

The profitability of mining Bitcoin has dropped significantly in recent months due to several factors. One, the value of the crypto has fallen, and the cost of electricity and other mining expenses have risen.

Besides, the number of miners has increased dramatically as Bitcoin has become more popular. This has led to more competition for blocks, and thus the difficulty has increased.

The technology used for mining has become more sophisticated and, thus, more expensive. This has made it more difficult for individual miners to profit.

These factors have led to a significant drop in Bitcoin mining profitability. The trend is likely to continue as the mining difficulty continues to increase.

What Does Mining Profitability Drop Mean to Bitcoin Miners

The drop in profitability has caused many miners to abandon the Bitcoin network in search of more profitable altcoins. It has also led to a decrease in hashrate and an increase in transaction fees. This could have severe implications for the future of Bitcoin and its adoption.

For miners that remain, the drop in profitability means they must increase efficiency to remain competitive. This includes investing in more efficient hardware and optimizing the setup of their mining rigs. Additionally, miners can look into other ways to reduce costs, such as leveraging green energy or availing incentives offered by regional governments.

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