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Bitcoin physical fund authorized in Singapore

  • The Fintonia Group from Singapore has launched two Bitcoin funds for professional investors.
  • The Fintonia Bitcoin Physical Fund buys real Bitcoin to offer investors direct price risk.
  • The Fintonia Secured Yield Fund enables Bitcoin holders to receive cash by placing their BTC as collateral.

Singapore-based fund manager Fintonia Group, which is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), has launched a “physical” Bitcoin fund and an income fund, Fund Selector Asia reported. The offers are aimed at professional and institutional investors who are looking for direct, passive Bitcoin exposure and a way to obtain credit for their BTC holdings.

“The fund is buying ‘physical’ bitcoin, which means that we will buy the actual bitcoin [rather than] a derivative instrument on Bitcoin, ”said Adrian Chng, founder and chairman of Fintonia Group, according to the report.

The Fintonia Bitcoin Physical Fund aims to provide investors with a “fast, safe and cost-effective” exposure to Bitcoin through a more convenient investment vehicle by buying and holding BTC directly. The manager said a “licensed and insured custodian” would hold the fund’s bitcoins.

“As a MAS-regulated fund manager with strict standards, we can connect with multiple exchanges and various market makers so we can find the best prices and buy or sell in bulk,” said Chng. “The fund also enables efficient cash or crypto transfers and solves the challenges of storing and removing large amounts of cash in the system.”

The Fintonia Secured Yield Fund, on the other hand, aims to provide direct loans to Bitcoin holders. Borrowers like traders, miners, and companies that hold BTC can use the yield fund to access cash without selling their bitcoins.

“Bitcoin is an excellent form of loan security,” Chng reportedly said. “It trades around the clock and is very liquid at around $ 30 billion to $ 60 billion a day. If necessary, it can be quickly liquidated compared to, for example, raw materials and material assets. “

Bitcoin funds offer a simple, hassle-free investment experience. Investors can participate in the price of BTC by buying the fund’s shares from their regular broker. However, the convenience comes at a price. Only by holding Bitcoin directly can an investor take advantage of the financial sovereignty and freedom of the Bitcoin network.

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