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Bitcoin Price: Top Cryptocurrency Prices Today: Bitcoin, Avalanche, Ethereum Down Up To 5%

New Delhi: The cryptocurrency market saw some profit bookings after rising sharply in recent days and before the weekend.

Aside from four tokens, six out of 10 digital tokens were trading lower at 9.30 a.m. IST. Terra, Avalanche, Bitcoin and Ethereum posted profit bookings while XRP and Cardano hit 4 percent.

Global crypto market capitalization was down about one percent from last day to $ 2.28 trillion. The total volume of the crypto market dropped over 6 percent to $ 90.20 billion.

What is cooked in India?
Buying cheap small caps in the hope of rising prices is a strategy that is not limited to trading on the stock exchange. Cryptocurrency investors do the same thing – they park their money in small-cap cryptos and pray for a godsend. However, experts say it could be risky.

There are over 6,000 virtual currencies and tokens in circulation around the world, and it’s nearly impossible to spot a multi-digger early on, they say. Similar to the stock exchange, there are also large, mid and small cap coins and tokens in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Expert take

“There was cheering in the crypto market as large large and mid caps recovered strongly. Once bearish sentiments seem to have turned as hopes of a Christmas rally began to grow, ”said the CoinDCX Research Team.

We remain overweight in the Metaverse, GameFi and Layer 1s sectors, especially given the backlog and institutional flows we’ve seen lately, he added.

Global updates
Google, Amazon, Apple and other large tech companies pay millions in annual compensation to search for what they believe to be a unique opportunity among talented programming professionals.

Silicon Valley is now full of stories of people riding seemingly ridiculous crypto investments like Dogecoin, a digital coin based on a canine meme, to life changing fortune.

Streamlining NFTs
WazirX NFT Marketplace announced that it has partnered with the current guardian of the Wadiyar dynasty, who ruled from Mysore, to launch NFTs that highlight the region’s rich heritage, culture and folklore.

Tech View of Giottus Cryptocurrency Exchange
With multiple blockchains competing in the crypto space, Polkadot is looking to be a solution to connect and integrate them all in one network. The result – simple data exchange and value transfer. Launched in 2017, Polkadot is a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain with the ability to support DAOs, security tokens, and more.

Its token – DOT – is among the top altcoin winners of 2021. However, DOT had a bearish month in December, falling from a high of nearly $ 40 to a low of nearly $ 24. However, subsequent moves appear bullish.


It has completely filled the lows of its wick since the slump, which gave it fuel for a rally to over $ 30. More recently, a cup-and-grip pattern has emerged – a bullish formation that should result in retracement of the 0.618 retracement of the decline at 32 if it is played out.

DOT is also breaking out of a parallel channel and is in the process of retesting the breakout for support. If this succeeds, $ 34 and $ 36.8 will be the next targets in the game. On the downside, there is strong support for DOT in the middle of the channel at $ 25 and its wicks at $ 24.3 and $ 23.7, respectively.

Main stages

  • Support: $ 25, $ 24.3, $ 23.7
  • Resistance: $ 30.7, $ 32, $ 34

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