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BitForex is standing up to community pressure and keeping Bitcoin SV listed

The cryptocurrency exchange BitForex, which ranks 5th in terms of trading volume, has deleted its survey on the future of Bitcoin SV and instead decided to keep the coin listed and tradable.Source: BitForex, Twitter

That was confirmed today by an announcement in which the company’s founder and CEO Garrett Jin said there had been a lot of “careful consideration” prior to making the final decision.

The exchange is responsible for more than 11% of Bitcoin SV trading volume in the past 24 hours (totaling $ 122 million).

Before the announcement, the exchange carried out a survey on Twitter in which its community was asked about the delisting of BSV. The poll has since been deleted, but the last time we checked, 50% were in favor of removing it, 38% were against, and the remaining 12% didn’t really care.

According to the announcement, the company decided to ignore the polls as they were allegedly manipulated.

“Unfortunately, we have identified extensive malicious behavior that is affecting the accuracy and fairness of the survey,” the announcement reads without further details.

The announcement also stated that the company decided not to consider the survey because a “voiced minority” was too loud to really hear what the community wanted.

The announcement concluded that “we believe that it would be unfair to the existing active BSV traders on the BitForex platform if we were to remove the token from the list”.

“BitForex will remain a platform on which BSV is open for trading. We will continue to monitor the situation and continue to focus our energies on finding measures to ensure that traders on our platform, regardless of their attitude, are protected and can trade as they wish. “

The CEO admitted, however, that Craig Wright, BSV’s main backer, “has undoubtedly cast a shadow over the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, undermining the perception of this space not just in the eyes of the community but the financial world as a whole.”


The community’s reaction to the decision is divided. While some welcomed the move, describing it as a “sensible professional decision” rather than a “knee-jerk response to Twitter trolls,” others weren’t so pleased and said they will close their accounts.

Meanwhile, as reported, the majority of the crypto-verse is celebrating BSV’s recent delistings, while others argue that this could set a bad precedent.

At pixel time, Bitcoin SV is up 0.43% in the last hour and 1.69% in the last 24 hours. However, over the past week, it’s down more than 28%.

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