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Blockchain Council partners with Metamorphosis 2022, India’s Biggest Crypto Event –

Blockchain Council has partnered with Metamorphosis 2022 (MM’22)India’s biggest web3, blockchain, and crypto event happening in India’s own IT capital, Bengaluru, on 19-20 November 2022.

Spanning over two days, the crypto event will feature some of the best developers, entrepreneurs, and investors in the space as speakers, mentors, and attendees. The event will be a myth-buster and catalyst for web3, blockchain and crypto innovations in India.

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metamorphosis 2022 india bangalore book tickets

About Metamorphosis 2022

  • MM ’22 is one of the most awaited web3 and crypto events with experts from entities like Polkadot, Binamite, Cxihub, and others.
  • The seven-day hackathon can award you a cash prize and a chance to get insights for your web3 innovation from industry leaders.
  • Professional speaker sessions from various fields, panel discussions on key topics, exhibitions by promising projects, such as immersive metaverse experiences, competitive games, a hackathon, and social forums for casual engagement.

About UNBLOCK’22 Hackathon

Unblock 2022 is a 7-day hackathon from 10th to 17th November 2022, where developers will lock horns to win a cash prize of $10,000.

Click here to register for the Unblock’22 hackathon.

unblock 2022 blockchain hackathon

There are three phases in Unblock 2022 hackathon, as below:

This phase is the initial step of Unblock, where mentors and experienced professionals will help you with the right tools and equipment to carve your idea into a web3 product.

Now, you are ready and equipped with all the tools and knowledge for web3 ecosystems. It’s time to put your brain to work and develop strategies with the help of on-site mentors and experts guiding you every step of the way.

The fun begins here! With a prize pool of $10000, you will be fighting with some of the top ideas in real-world De-Fi solutions. Sustain the competition with your product and bring home a whopping $10000 as the prize pool and expert guidance to develop your product further.

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Events details:
dates: 19-20 November 2022
venue: Bangalore
tickets: Book Now (Use code MMCOUNCIL to get 25% off)

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to learn, meet and network with the key decision-makers in the Web3, Blockchain, and Crypto space.

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