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Blockchain platform NEO celebrates the deployment of N3 MainNet with the launch of Neoverse

The Neoverse has opened a “new chapter”.

To celebrate the start of the N3 main network, NGD (or NEO Global Development) launched Neoverse – what is described as an NFT mint and collection campaign that is being run “with multiple developer communities, ecosystem projects and partners”.

By collecting all nine N3 Element NFT pieces, users can “coin one of the special N3 Collector’s Editions NFTs” allegedly created “especially for Neoverse” by famous NFT artists.

As mentioned in a blog post, the Neoverse series NFTs are “not only invaluable collectibles, but also carry various ‘VIP’ privileges within the Neo-ecosystem.”

The developers claim that the launch of Neoverse was a success, noting that all available blind boxes “sold out in 48 hours, the average price for the N-Series reached US $ 11,336.95, and Neoverse NFTs were among the top 3 Rank the Ghost Market Leaderboard “. any times.”

With most of the stamped Collector’s Edition NFTs, NGD has “accelerated the collaboration process between Neoverse and eco-projects,” according to the update.

Humswap, To the moon, and flamingo have launched targeted campaigns to provide Neoverse NFT owners with “privileges”.

Humswap is a DeFi platform “based on Neo N3 that offers liquidity pools for various tokens, a marketplace for NFTs and token swapping,” the update explained.

Meanwhile, Tothemoon is an NFT collector ecosystem project “operated by Neo and with its own TTM characters, item NFTs and a marketplace for transactions”.

For the new chapter, Tothemoon distributed Tothemoon Item NFT airdrops “for Neoverse owners who have Neo addresses that have embossed Neoverse NFT fragments,” the update revealed.

As explained in the blog post, Flamingo is an interoperable, decentralized, full-stack financial protocol based on the Neo blockchain.

In order to give “loyal Hodlers” a more prominent voice and easier interaction with the development team, Flamingo has released “a Hodler program in addition to the FLM inventory. Neoverse holders can have additional FLM scores to improve the level of their club category ”.

  • N series = 100,000 in addition to your FLM holdings.
  • E series = 50,000 in addition to your FLM holdings.
  • O series = 1,000 in addition to your FLM holdings.

Blockchain platform Neo added that they appreciate the support of their community and that they will continue to collaborate with other ecosystem projects and bring you more interesting projects in the future.

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