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BTC, ETH, XRP, HOT, DASH, EOS, CRV – Technical Analysis April 15th

Bitcoin (BTC) hit a new all-time high on April 15th. Nonetheless, Ethereum (ETH) is moving upwards even faster.

XRP (XRP) could have hit a short-term high. Holo (HOT) has broken out of a descending line of resistance.

Dash (DASH), EOS (EOS) and Curve DAO Token (CRV) are about to break out of horizontal resistance levels.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin broke above the $ 61,500 area on April 13 and hit an all-time high of $ 64,854 the next day.

Technical indicators are bullish. This is particularly evident from the fact that the MACD has almost slipped into positive territory.

The next area of ​​resistance is at $ 68,725. This is an intermediate level of resistance found using an external fib retracement.

While this could potentially turn the price down, the upside is likely to continue towards the $ 83,000-90,000 range.

TradingView’s BTC chart

Ethereum (ETH)

The ETH / BTC pair has been moving up since March 24th.

On April 2, it regained the resistance area of ​​₿0.0352 and confirmed it as support after ten days.

A clear upward movement began on April 13th.

There is resistance at ₿0.0397, the 0.618 Fib resistance level. Nonetheless, the main resistance is created by the February highs at ₿0.046.

Technical indicators are bullish and support the continuation of the upward movement. The RSI just passed 70.

It is possible that this will be the beginning of a new upside momentum that could push ETH / BTC to their 2018 highs.

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ETH / BTC chart from TradingView


XRP has been moving up since March 25th.

However, it could have peaked, at least in the short term, as shown in orange in the graphic below. The high of $ 1.96 is very close to the 1: 1.61 Fib projection of subwaves 1-3.

If so, XRP could slide back to the 0.382-0.5 fib retracement support at $ 1.18-1.36 before moving back up.

TradingView’s XRP chart

Holo (HOT)

HOT has been moving down since hitting a high of $ 0.031 on April 5th.

The continued decline brought it back to the 0.5 fib retracement support level at $ 0.017. It did so on April 14th and HOT has been moving up since then. The move up was preceded by a bullish divergence in the RSI.

Today (April 15th) HOT broke out of a descending resistance line. The closest area of ​​resistance is at $ 0.024.

TradingView’s HOT chart

Dash (DASH)

DASH has been moving up since March 25th. It broke above the USD 250 resistance area on April 4th and fell to confirm it as support two days later.

Since then it has been increasing. It is currently very close to the USD 330 resistance area found using the closing price from its February high.

Technical indicators are bullish and support the likelihood of a breakout.

If so, the next resistance would likely be found at $ 500.

TradingView DASH chart


EOS has been gaining weight in the past three weeks. So far it has hit the long-term resistance area of ​​$ 7.80 but has been rejected. This is a strong horizontal resistance value that has been in place since April 2019.

The technical indicators are bullish, suggesting that EOS is likely to break out. This is particularly evident from the RSI cross above 70.

If successful, the next area of ​​resistance would be found at $ 14.50.

TradingView’s EOS chart

Curve DAO Token (CRV)

The CRV has been moving up since February 28 when it hit a low of $ 1.62. This appears to have been the end of wave four of corrections.

It has since traded within an ascending triangle, with primary resistance at $ 3.50.

The two most likely targets for the fifth wave peak are $ 4.96 and $ 7.

TradingView CRV Chart

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