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Can Tron: Identity Surpass Tron 2.0?

Disney’s Tron franchise has been one of the founding fathers of next-level special effects ever since the first film was released in 1982. Since then, the films have served as the backbone for a larger universe that has spanned TV shows, theme park attractions and video games. Tron’s video games are one of the biggest examples of how the franchise has expanded over the years. Even entries found in games like Kingdom Hearts II helped give fans a glimpse of what it would be like to exist in its highly stylized world. But now, something new has entered the fray that may change the series forever.

Tron: Identity was recently announced at the D23 Expo and may be the most in-depth look at the Tron universe yet. As a visual novel, its gameplay style will certainly be unique. However, even before the game launches, it has a hefty history to live up to. Because of this history, there’s also concern that it may not live up to the hype of past games, including some of its most famous. One of the most important games in question is Tron 2.0.

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What’s Tron’s History in Video Games?

Tron 2.0 Jet Bradley

Tron as a property was all about venturing into a digital world that acted as a video game. However, as more entries pushed the lore forward, it was clear that things went much deeper than that. In fact, there were civilizations and even totally different types of belief systems that were born in The Grid. One of the best examples of this that took place in video game form was Tron 2.0, a first-person shooter that served as a pseudo-sequel to the film. It even followed the son of one of the characters who, having first appeared in the original movie, was one of the original creators of the Tron computer program.

Tron 2.0 was one of the most beloved entries in the franchise and potentially the best game to have been released. It was a great continuation of what came before, and the gameplay worked well, especially in the PC version. Critics felt the game was a great title, and even fans who had never seen the film enjoyed it. Another ending entry to the history of Tron games was Tron: Evolution. A third-person action game, there’s not much to derive from in terms of narrative impact, but as a standard Tron game, it’s a fun title that allowed players to further explore the program without feeling alienated from the larger narrative.

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How Could Tron: Identity Meet Expectations?

Tron Identity screenshot

Tron: Identity will take players back into the world of Tron but in a way unlike anything that’s been done before. Rather than taking control of a character, the player will be a part of a visual novel where the main character is tasked with solving a mystery set thousands of years in the future. Not much else has been revealed about the game, but its visual novel format could impact various gameplay features. For example, it would allow players to explore a new world in depth and interact with characters either tied to or totally new to the world of Tron.

Another fun aspect would be using tools to solve the mystery that are either classic to the series, like a light cycle, or completely new, as this would allow the detective to uncover any clues in a given space. Essentially, Tron: Identity could open a whole new path for the series where even more genres could help redefine the franchise. Still, it will be up to this title to ensure that it can measure up to classic entries from the past and maintain a similar level of excitement and fun.

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