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Cardano ($ ADA) is up over 13%, crypto analyst says it could be ready for $ 5

On Saturday (September 11th), Cardano’s $ ADA token is the highest percentage gain among the top 10 crypto assets with an increase of nearly 14% in the last 24 hours, which only helped to bring it to its third place in the table To further consolidate the market capitalization of coins.

According to data from TradingView, $ ADA is currently trading (as of 19:06 UTC on Nov.

Why $ ADA does so well on a day when both Bitcoin and Ethereum are down 0.33%, the most plausible explanation is that there are still plenty of investors and traders out there who believe that activating the Alonzo- Hardforks on Mainnet 12 doesn’t have to be one of those “buy rumors, sell news” events, and that such a show of strength suggests that the best days of $ ADA are still ahead of us.

One prominent crypto analyst who seems to believe this is Michaël van de Poppe, who said today that he believes the $ ADA price can reach $ 5.

Based on LunarCRUSH’s social media analytics data, Solana currently has the highest AltRank score:

Pointing out the following infographic, which paints a beautiful picture of Cardano’s rich and diverse ecosystem, Tim Harrison, Marketing & Communications Director at IOHK, the blockchain technology company behind Cardano, said the next “several months” should be pretty exciting and more of these Cardano-powered projects are launched on the mainnet.

The one from @Cardians_ is beautiful. And not even the whole story. A burgeoning ecosystem has been working tirelessly in the background for months. Many will take a while longer to get started on the mainnet. But rest assured we have some amazing months ahead of us starting tomorrow #Cardano

– Tim Harrison (@timbharrison) September 11, 2021

Finally, as for tomorrow’s Alonzo Hard Fork Combinator (HFC) event, IOHK said yesterday (September 10th) that version 4.3.1 of the Daedalus wallet is available and its users “ahead of the HFC event on Sunday, September “Should update to this version 12. @ 21:44 UTC.”

To ensure uninterrupted wallet operation, update Daedalus before the HFC event on Sunday, September 12th at 21:44 UTC. For a bit of fun, we’ve also activated a countdown. Click the confetti icon in the top right of the screen to view it 🎉

– Input output (@InputOutputHK) September 10, 2021


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