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Cardano dApps Witness a Surge in Unique Account Growth, With Indigo Protocol Leading

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Cardano dApps witnessed a surge in unique account growth in the last five days, as Indigo Protocol topped the list with an increase of over 62,000%.

Decentralized application (dApp) projects on the Cardano network saw a massive surge of unique accounts within the past five days, with Indigo Protocol having an incredible account growth of 62.109% as it tops the list of projects with the highest increase in unique accounts.

Cardano Daily first disclosed the achievement, an unofficial community-driven Twitter handle dedicated to providing updates on Cardano-related developments. “The top gainer in the percentage of the growth of the unique account is @Indigo_protocol – a project which has been going mainnet in the last week. Congratulations for having such an amazing beginning,” Cardano Daily disclosed Monday, sharing a dashboard with more information on the top projects.


The top gainer in percentage of the unique accounts growth is @Indigo_protocol – a project which has been going mainnet in the last week. Congratulations for having such an amazing beginning!
#cardano #account #growth

— Cardano Daily (@cardano_daily) November 28, 2022


The dashboard reveals that Indigo Protocol currently has unique accounts totaling 835, with a rapid surge of 62.109% following its launch on the mainnet. Second on the list is DeFi protocol Aada Finance with a unique account increase of 278% in the past five days, leading to 1.8K unique accounts.

Community-driven project ADAO claims the third position with a surge of 97% in the last five days, with unique accounts totaling 134. The fourth project is the NFT marketplace Flipr which had a unique account increase of 96% to 898 accounts. Reward and distribution platform SmartClaimz is fifth, with an 82% increase and unique accounts of up to 199.

The sixth project is the DeFi protocol, Minswap. Minswap had a 79% increase in unique accounts in the last five days, leading to total unique accounts of 53K. WingRiders has 12.7K unique accounts following a 62% surge, claiming a seventh position on the top list. MuesliSwap is eighth with a 56% increase, having up to 40.3K accounts.

Ninth and tenth are, respectively Artifct and Epoch Art, two NFT marketplaces, with respective growths of 42% and 27%. While Artifct has total unique accounts of 744, Epoch Art has 5.5K.

Innovation on Cardano Sees a Rapid Increase

These massive surges in unique accounts indicate the growing adoption of the Cardano ecosystem, as several developers bring it to public exposure through numerous projects. Cardano Daily highlighted that the DeFi sector contributed to half of the list of assets with the highest unique account growth, indicating the growing attention in the scene as the markets seek to recover.

As a testament to the growing adoption rate on the network, Cardano’s co-founder Charles Hoskinson highlighted reports of a 90% increase in daily active addresses on the network last Thursday. Furthermore, the number of smart contracts based on Plutus surged 300% this year to 3,791 last Saturday amid active development moves on the network.

Additionally, as a means to drive more innovation, the stablecoin DJED was recently slated to launch on the Cardano mainnet in January 2023, as previously reported.

Meanwhile, the first USD-backed stablecoin on the Cardano network, dubbed iUSD What launched by Indigo Protocol last Monday. Furthermore, in addition to the expected launch of DJED, Cardano will be welcoming another stablecoin, USDA, from EMURGO in early 2023.

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