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Cardano Gold $CARGO March Passive Staking — 36% APR! Cardano Feed

We are going to have the “Passive staking” for the Cardano Gold $CARGO holders from 1 March — 1 April 2022 with 36% APR rewards!

If you take into consideration the $CARGO total supplyon 1st of March it will be only 9,960,000 in circulation 36% APR (or APY, the difference is compounding only) . to the current Cardano projects staking returns or ADA staking (around 5.5%) we can call it Cardano Gold March Staking Madness! But let’s take it easy and explain.

In fact, you don’t have to do anything but HOLD the $CARGO in your wallet address and don’t move it around during this period – the 1st of March to 1st of April 2022.

Because we will do the same thing using our tools like with the New Eve Rewards or CARGO token migration – take the snapshot of the Cardano blockchain $CARGO holding wallet addresses on the 1st of March and then on again 1st of April, compare it other distribute the rewards!

  • In short, you just need to hold $CARGO in your wallet from the 1st of March to the 1st of April 2022 and you get 3% balance rewards distributed to you! This only goes for the $CARGO balance accumulated before the 1st of March. So you still have enough time to buy it!

Because this is a 1 MONTH SPECIAL EVENT and the way of using the airdrop method worked perfectly well for the previous events. You can consider it like locking the $CARGO tokens yourself for a month but they are staying in your wallet.

You don’t have to put them in the smart contracts Like for the other projects that were built by God knows how by its developers, some not even auditedso there’s no gamblingand Cardano hardware wallets are not able to connect to the DApps also.

  • Wallet address needs to hold at least $100 CARGO in it.
  • Wallet addresses holding the same or bigger $CARGO amount constantly from 1st of March to 1st of April.
  • Don’t move your $CARGO around but keep it in the same wallet/s addresses during this period.
  • The additional $CARGO you buy using the same wallet address during March, won’t be counted for the rewards distribution, only the amount from the 1st of March.
  • If the amount in the wallet address on the 1st of April is lower than on the 1st of March the user won’t get the rewards other we will be taking a couple of more snapshots between these dates to prevent eventual fraud attempts.

This $CARGO won’t be counted for this special event rewards but its holder wills appreciate the $CARGO price will rise for sure.

And you have a full week to buy more $CARGO on MuesliSwap or SundaeSwap. This video explains how you can do it by using CCVault or NamiWallet.

We will be putting more tokens in the distribution on MuesliSwap this week for sure.

There will be more staking events, and we indeed have something cooking that involves NFTs but we can’t disclose it yet.

Cardano Gold $CARGO did not have private sales, pre-sales, IDOs, ISPOs so we didn’t sell out our project and tokens upfront to the large investors letting the whales into our ecosystem. So decentralization is fully achievable. And the dumping of the token by the same will not happen.

we think it’s the right time to reward our holders for their support so far and welcome new ones into the community.

the token distribution is going well — like planned with quite equal distribution among the wallets.

March will bring nothing spectacular in the Cardano ecosystem (not counting this event) nor crypto market, bear season$BTC price will be bouncing, and $ADA so, a good time to accumulate more $CARGO with this spectacular 36% APR!

Like we had promised to keep the core concept of Cardano Gold $CARGO being the first Store of Value built on Cardano with the 10 million minted decreasing by monthly burning in 2022, we will be implementing all the ideas and projects that will add to the value of $CARGO and the Cardano Gold ecosystem.

Crypto space is much more fluid and fast-changing than it ever was. Recognizing and taking all the opportunities — not being glued to the one trend like other projects is needed in order not to have now already established new crypto projects lifespan of roughly 1.22 years.

Cardano Gold Treasury operating as the first on-chain hedge fund means exactly that, recognizing and investing into its own and other projects having the portfolio of the many crypto assets, run by the team of experts, the same ones that didn’t need huge investors or catalyst program to start this project because of trading and investing successfully for the very long time. Nothing passes our radar so we had noticed that some other project is incorporating the same idea but with the “bot” system something that is already proven not to work in the terms of returns on the other networks and projects because the cryptocurrency market fluctuates too much .

Cardano Gold is a FIRE. Like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Already recognized outside the Cardano community space also as the only unique project by its concept on Cardano and followed like on CoinMarketCap despite not even being listed on the CEXs.

And btw listing on the CEXs this early for the most projects in the middle of a bear season with the USDT, BTC pairs is a stupid move but well used for the marketing and shilling the coin and of course the double-edged sword, currently it’s a “red wedding” out there.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on our social media channels like Telegram or Twitter.

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