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Chainlink Price Prediction: LINK continues surge, now above $ 21

Chainlink Price Prediction and Forecast: For the next few hours, the price of the Chainlink (LINK) coin is forecast between $ 21.4 and $ 21.9. The general recommendation for the next few hours is to sell

4 out of 5 momentum indicators are positive

None of the 5 momentum indicators are negative

Two analysts

Current price of the Chainlink Coin

The current price for Chainlink (LINK) is $ 21.91 which is 0.69% higher than 24 hours ago.

Chainlink Price Prediction: Momentum Summary

Momentum indicator

Display direction





Social media buzz


Market capitalization rank




Chainlink Link Coin Crypto – Price Prediction and Technical Analysis December 2021

Chainlink is one of the top 15 cryptocurrencies

Originally tweeted from (@EasychartsTrade) on December 8, 2021.

#LINKUSD Here is a new #Chainlink diagram to share. One of my favourites. Classic resistance to support the flip. Breakout and based on the horizontal canal. Combine this with the Eric Schmidt News..Strong technique and fundies, these are my TPs for this run

Chainlink Price Prediction and Forecast: Market Cap and Related News

Current market capitalization: $ 10.2 billion

Change in the last 24 hours: (+) 0.69%

Total traded volume: USD 1.64 billion, Higher

Change in the last 24 hours: (+) 19.38%

Current market capitalization rank: 21., Steady

Lunarrush statistics

Social volume rank: 21., Higher

Rank for social engagement: 7th, Higher

Chain link MASSIVE News !!! – LINK crypto price prediction and forecast


Price forecast for the end of 2021

Coin Price Prediction

$ 29.29


$ 42- $ 52


$ 30 to $ 60.

Chainlink wins with every day that goes by. Like most Alt Coins, Chainlink has similar steps to purchase. Here are the steps for “How to Buy a Chain Link”:

  1. Find a crypto exchange that has Chainlink coins listed
  2. Create an account with the exchange
  3. confirm your identity
  4. Finance your wallet
  5. Make the purchase
  6. Storing Chainlink Coins

Where can I buy LINK coins?

There are several platforms you can buy Chainlink on. Some famous exchanges that Shiba Inu offer are Coinbase,, Gemini and Kraken.

Buy Chainlink Coin at Binance

Buy Chainlink Coin at

Buy Chainlink Coin at Coinbase

Buy Chainlink Coin from Kraken

  • Chainlink is a decentralized blockchain oracle network based on Ethereum.
  • ts creators claim it can be used to verify that the parameters of a smart contract are being met regardless of the parties to the contract by “directly connecting the contract to real-world data, events, payments and other inputs”.
  • Chainlink’s first whitepaper, ChainLink: A Decentralized Oracle Network, was published on September 4, 2017
  • In April 2021, Chainlink released a 2.0 version of its whitepaper describing new features for the Chainlink network, including off-chain computations, crypto-economic staking and “data protection functions”.

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Why did Shiba Inu crash yesterday?

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