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Coinbase Launches Information Asset Pages Including Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM)

Coinbase launched information asset sites and therefore decided to include Ripple’s XRP, Stellar, EOS and 47 other cryptocurrencies. The step is to provide insightful information about cryptos to people who want to learn more about them.

The exchange believes that “the road to an open financial system begins with awareness,” so it decided to create informational asset pages for the top 50 crypto assets by market capitalization.

The platform has created separate pages for all coins that have links to their whitepapers and websites.

Coinbase has been condemned multiple times by some analysts for not including Ripple’s XRP on their platform, but added Ethereum Classic, a coin that is well below the XRP and in line with its market cap.

Coinbase also sometimes announced back that it would list some coins, but the platform did not include XRP, which currently contests 2nd place with Ethereum.

According to observers, this decision was made out of personal feelings towards XRP through the platform. Because of this, some of the coin lovers believe that Ripple doesn’t need a Coinbase. The reasons are very clear, XRP kept high value in the room without the coin being on Coinbase.

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