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Color in these cool pics from an artistic psychologist who supports the NY Cosmos – Queens Daily Eagle

Artwork by Laurie M. Scherer

Text by David Brand

Children and adults in Queens are stuck at home looking for activities to spend their days in isolation and distract themselves from the stress of COVID-19.

So the eagle addressed the call to local artists and illustrators: Help us provide some fun things to children, adults, and families across the district.

Psychologist and artist Laurie Scherer responded and submitted a work of art honoring her favorite football club, the legendary NY Cosmos.

Scherer illustrated three iconic photographs from the rich history of the cosmos, including a class picture (above) of the absolute greats Pelé, Franz Beckenbauer and Giorgio Chinaglia.

The images can be printed at home and, says Scherer, “should be great for coloring inside (or outside!) The lines.”

Scherer is a member of the Glitter Goddess Art Collective, an inclusive group of artists and performers.

“I believe that all forms of movement + expression must be supported – whether on the field, on the stage, in the studio or currently in the living room! “She says.” As a psychologist, I can wholeheartedly say that any project that combines community, art and time with loved ones is the optimal antidote to this uniquely challenging time we find ourselves in. “

Thanks for the great pictures, Laurie.

Now it’s your turn, reader:

Print them out, color them in and send them back to us to view here on our website. Email David Brand at

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