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Comeback of the crypto market? Experts provide insights into Bitcoin and Ethereum – and predict emerging altcoins

ONEAfter the worst calendar month on record for Bitcoin, the crypto market finally calmed down in early June.

A slight upward trend for several leading cryptocurrencies like Ethereum even suggests that we may be in the early stages of a recovery, although analysts remain divided on whether the recent crash was just a slip in the middle of an ongoing bull run or the start of the one long “crypto winter”.

To find out, we invited two experts to uncover the current uncertainty and answer questions from readers of The Independent.

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We spoke to Samantha Yap, a cryptocurrency expert, founder and CEO of the blockchain and fintech PR firm YAP Global, and Fred Schebesta, a crypto advocate and founder of the comparison platform

Check out the recorded interview below

Cryptocurrency experts answer questions about the market comeback

They provided insights into recent factors that contributed to the downturn, such as the decision by some UK banks to block transfers to crypto exchanges, and discussed their favorite DeFi projects.

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