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Cooler Master shows off some modded Cosmos cases

Modding is always core to Cooler Master’s booth – and this year is no exception. With its CSX division cranking out some very high quality, unique works, that include one made to look like a London Bus and another with an Nvidia design, it’s not the only thing that’s being shown off on the stand.

Two UK modders were also displaying Cosmos hardware, firstly Paul Edwards was showing off a Mercedes SLR inspired mod, with the logo style and side exhausts as part of it. In addition, behind the door was a white LED fan at the bottom and LCD screen mounted in the drive bay area.

Secondly, Tom Portsmouth had made a mixed blue and chromed “Snail Meds” case with seriously funky internal watercooling which used acrylic and UV lighting to route many small tubes for the graphics card cooling, in addition to a few large ones for the CPU and other parts. In addition, Gert Hengeveld from the Netherlands had made a yellow and blue Cosmos dedicated to StarCraft II.

Our own Wolvie should be there too – obviously no mini modding expo is ever complete without a bit-tech case on display.

Yes, No or Indifferent? Let us know what style suits you, in the forums.

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