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Crypto Analyst gives short term price targets for BNB, LTC and EOS

A widely tracked cryptocurrency trader known on social media as “Kaleo” has announced that it believes three altcoins will rise in the near future: Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin (BNB) and EOS. Its predictions are based on technical analysis.

In a series of tweets first reported by Daily Hodl, Kaleo noted his bullish fall for every altcoin. He shared a chart with Address LTC showing that he is buying the cryptocurrency in the market, “every day it’s under $ 500”. The chart appears to be showing that a massive bull rally is imminent in the near future based on Litecoin performance during the 2017 bull run.

According to Kaleo, the cryptocurrency could cross the $ 1,000 mark after it breaks out. The cryptocurrency is currently trading at $ 374.

Another altcoin Kaleo revealed that he expects to see a spike soon is Binance’s native cryptocurrency BNB. The cryptocurrency has tested the $ 680 mark several times after rising in recent months, but has been repeatedly rejected.

For the widely respected analyst, its appreciation could “accelerate quickly” if the cryptocurrency breaks the $ 680 mark and enters pricing. A chart he shared with the tweet seems to imply that the cryptocurrency could hit $ 1,000.

The last cryptocurrency the analyst revealed is expecting a breakout is EOS. After comparing his chart to that of Ethereum Classic (ETC), a cryptocurrency that rose exponentially earlier this month, he revealed that he found that both charts look “extremely similar”.

Kaleo added that he doesn’t expect EOS’s price spike to end “in the low $ 20 area” if it breaks out. EOS price started to break out early this morning after, the company behind the EOSIO software, announced it was launching a cryptocurrency trading platform called Bullish Global.

Bullish Global, it said in an announcement, is kicking off with $ 10 billion in funding, including 164,000 BTC worth about $ 9.7 billion, 20 million EOS worth around $ 260 million, and 100 million Million dollars in cash.

The company raised an additional $ 300 million through a round of funding. It will offer its users automated market-making, credit and portfolio management tools to “deliver functionality previously monopolized by established players in traditional finance while creating more liquidity for digital assets. “

Since Bullish Global’s announcement, EOS ‘price has risen 44.5% to $ 13.2, according to CryptoCompare. Kaleo’s chart appears to be suggesting it could hit as much as $ 33.

Comparison of $ EOS vs. $ ETC USD

After ETC began to erupt, it pooled under its previous ATH before shooting right past it. The structure of the EOS chart looks very similar. I don’t expect it to stop at the low $ 20 if it moves out of its current range.

– KALEO (@CryptoKaleo) May 10, 2021

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