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Crypto Analyst on Two Gravity Defying Altcoins: Solana ($ SOL) and Kusama ($ KSM)

Recently, crypto analyst / influencer Elliot Wainman, owner / host of the YouTube channel “EllioTrades Crypto”, spoke to his 340,000+ subscribers about two L1 blockchain projects: Solana ($ SOL) and Kusama ($ KSM).

Wainmann said:

“I wanted to report here about Salona, ​​which only has 30% less. As you can see, for the last 30 days or so we have hit the big decline here in May, but it has only been higher lows and higher highs since then and it is trying to break through this resistance that was created by these those bases around, you know, $ 42.

“Another really bullish chart and you can see here that these high-quality L1s here really defy gravity and behave better than these other alts in the ecosystem, and of course the other one you know fits that description at a T is Kusama.” . I mean, look at this Kusama chart. It’s absolutely incredibly bullish here, even after this shocking decline, back about 30% from its highs.

“Both charts are moving in a fantastic direction. It shows you that the projects with really strong fundamentals are going to fare differently here and of course Kusama has their upcoming Parachain auctions this month, which is one of the best tokenomics you can have – just essentially permanently banned or not permanently, but for years and blocks huge amounts of supply.

“You’re doing this in partnership with Kraken – a really interesting endeavor here, but again this is just one of the best graphs in the crypto space and it shows you again that this Polkadot ecosystem, especially those key coins in it – DOT and KSM. – If these parachain auctions are going around, they will add a lot of token speed and I believe there will be some seriously bullish days for them. “


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Photo by Csaba Nagy via Pixabay

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