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CZ fires Musk back over “seedy” Dogecoin wallet problem

Tesla boss Elon Musk experienced a funny comeback on Tuesday in the hands of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

In a tweet, Musk felt it was appropriate to call CZ about a glitch related to Dogecoin wallets on the exchange and describe the episode as “seedy”. He added that Binance Dogecoin users should be protected from mistakes that are not their fault.

“Hey @CZ_Binance, what’s wrong with your Doge customers? Sounds dodgy. “

What did CZ say?

In response, CZ said it was sure the problem was with a recent upgrade to the wallet software from the Dogecoin developers. He added that the Binance team was working to resolve the problem in collaboration with the developers.

“Elon, we’re pretty sure it’s a problem with the latest #doge wallet. We are in communication with the developers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. “

In what some would consider a tit for the exchange of deeds, CZ signed the tweet saying, “What happened here? 👀 ”while linking to an article from The Guardian about software bugs in Tesla cars.

Commented on this, researcher Larry Cermak described the billionaires’ dialogue as “a competition to measure the tail valued at over $ 300 billion”.

And that’s exactly how we have a tail measurement competition valued at over $ 300 billion

– Larry Cermak (@lawmaster) November 23, 2021

What happened to Dogecoin wallets on Binance?

The technical problem caused several invalid transactions and some users reported that they were frozen from their wallets.

Binance has posted a tweet thread to explain the situation and keep affected Dogecoin users informed. They said the recent upgrade resulted in old transactions being resent to a relatively small number of users.

(Thread) An update on the problem we are having $ DOGE Withdrawals:

The main cause is a technical problem during the recent upgrade process that resulted in old transactions being resent to 1,674 users. “

The company explained why the problem only affected Binance, saying that they use a different technical setup for Dogecoin than other exchanges.

Since the problem became known, Binance has been rebuilding the wallet with the help of Dogecoin developers. This is expected to take some time, with an estimated one week to complete.

In a call to honesty, Binance urged users who received old transactions to return the money, while admitting that some are still having problems accessing the wallet.

“We kindly asked those who received the old transactions to return them, but we are aware that selected users will have problems accessing some of the wallets.

Our CS team is available 24/7 to help these users.

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