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Deltarune Chapter 2 Secret Boss Spamton Neo

The Spamton Neo secret boss in Deltarune Chapter 2 is a special boss that you can only fight if you do the legwork and look in places you might not otherwise have thought of. Of course there will be some spoilers here, but don’t worry, we’ll keep story spoilers to the bare minimum. They get that again Deltarune Chapter 2 Secret Boss Spamton Neo Boss is a little difficult to unlock, however, so let’s dive into that right away.

Deltarune Chapter 2 Secret Boss Spamton Neo

How to unlock Spamton Neo Secret Boss in Deltarune Chapter 2

To unlock the secret Spamton Neo-Boss in Deltarune Chapter 2, you must first defeat the Glitch-Boss. After you do this, use the teleportation door to get from the mansion to the garbage zone. Go all the way to the left until you see the strange green “screens” floating around, then go upstairs and unlock the door you come across. You will now meet Spamton, the new and incredibly creepy provider. Buy the KeyGen item from him, but not at full price. You can then select the item from purchase again a few times to trick it into lowering the price. Return to the mansion with the keygen in your possession.

Go up the stairs to the right of the statue’s feet and keep to the right, then navigate the corridor full of ceramics. When you arrive in the corridor with the “caretaker” and the dog, go all the way down and then to the right. The next step in unlocking Spamton Neo Deltarune Chapter 2’s secret boss is to cross the stretch of freeway and find your way to a room full of thinking statues. Go right until you find a single tea cup with two candlesticks on either side. Interact with the candlestick on the right to open a secret passage that leads down. Once you’ve used the KeyGen on the keyhole in the floor, you’ll unlock access to the basement, so go there.

How to Get Spamton Neo Secret Boss

Follow the path that leads to the basement until you reach the save point. Go left and keep going until you can’t go left, then go up and left again. There are other side doors that you can visit if you want, but that’s not our goal here. Jump into the spinning cups and when they hit the bottom head left and interact with the glowing switch on the wall. Now go back to the teacups and be ready for some serious dodging. If you can make it alive go all the way back to the save point and go right as the force field is gone now.

Follow the corridor until you reach the train tracks. Go right and through the door that leads upstairs. Go all the way to the right again and interact with the glowing thing in the old machine. To unlock the secret Spamton Neo-Boss from Deltarune Chapter 2, take the blank floppy disk you just got back from Spamton. Buy whatever you want from him, then choose Talk and Give Disk. After that, consent to the transfer and don’t touch anything until it’s over. After regaining control, go all the way back to the old machine and interact with it again. Nothing will happen so go back to the train tracks and try to go left. Surprise!

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