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EOS attains R2v3 certification – Recycling Today

Environmental Office Solutions Inc. (EOS), East Hartford, Connecticut, says it has attained R2v3 certification status, referring to the most recent upgrade in standards set for the electronics industry by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI).

EOS says it is “committed to continuous improvement through the monitoring of objectives and rigorous evaluation of our management system, which guides our end-of-life recycling programs that help preserve the environment.”

EOS founder Chris Stoddard says, “We are pleased to have received our certification to the new R2v3 standard and thank the entire EOS team who helped make this happen. Our company was started over 25 years ago on the principles of reuse and reducing waste, this latest upgrade demonstrates our continued commitment to these principles.”

EOS cites global concerns about the environment and data security threats as driving its effort to attain R2v3 certification. R2v3, says the company, addresses those issues “through enhanced documentation, data security controls, material flow management and heightened reuse objectives and operations.”

The company says it has embraced R2 standards and principles since 2012, and the latest upgrade demonstrates its commitment to best practices in the recycling industry. In addition to R2, EOS says it also has been approved as a downstream vendor by the Recycler Qualification Office as part of the Canadian EPRA Recycler Qualification Program.

EOS was founded in 1996 by Stoddard and Mark Tosi and describes itself as providing custom-tailored, comprehensive, closed-loop recycling and end-of-life asset recovery programs for large corporations, small businesses, federal, state and municipal governments and educational institutions .

The company operates from a 40,000-plus-square-foot recycling facility in East Hartford and another 40,000-plus-square-foot recycling, warehouse and distribution facility in Colorado.

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