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EOSIO Swiss Workshop 15 | August 23rd, 2022 | Building a Collaborative Culture On EOS – Bywire Blockchain News

8 Exclusive interviews with builders on EOS

By mixing different technics around EOS with their loosely coupled circles like EOS Bees (Marketing 2.0), ZEOS (Private transactions), WordProof (Timestamping & Trusted Web), Zaisan (Core+ Leader EOSIO), Pomelo (Public Goods on-chain), Albedo (Blockchain Overlay Protocol), Eden Fractal(Empowering EOS), Alien World Fractal (The road to the metaverse with fractal governance), EOS Translation Foundation, MindWeb & Workshops (

All those circles result in continuously building a collaborative culture on EOS.

This is the paradigm shift where the different communities begin to understand how it is essential to circulate more EOS and create this value where information and data have been turned into knowledge.

Watch the video interview and find all timestamps in the video description:

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