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Euler.Tools Launches Premium Trading Tools for Crypto Trading

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Blockchain analytics platform Euler.Tools is launching their highly anticipated dashboard and tools at 5pm UTC May 5. The launch is expected to provide traders with the very best analytical tools and features to guide their trading foray in the crypto market.

Euler.Tools will be temporarily available for free from the launch date until May 12th, giving users access to premium features before they go behind a tiered paywall. This development is expected to be a major innovation in the cryptospace, enabling traders to have multiple trading tools, portfolios, and data feeds within a single platform.

Euler.Tools is a blockchain project that aims to provide an efficient and user-friendly platform for traders to access different tools that help traders analyze market trends, predict future price movements, and learn more about the blockchain space. The project is named after legendary mathematician Leonhard who famously solved the Königsberg bridge problem.

Euler tools

Access Multiple Tools for Trading

Euler.Tools helps traders by offering 10 different tools that allow users to access on-chain activity, price changes, and other parameters. The platform is designed to help explain blockchain to the average trader and visualizes data to ease users’ learning curve.

Users get all information, such as crypto-assets price, market information, and analytical tools aggregated on a single platform and rather than having to use several apps and sites simultaneously. Euler.Tools also provides analytical tools to dissect this information to help traders make informed trading decisions.

You can easily compare tokens, check market volumes, and minting/burning rates on different crypto assets. Alerts can also be created to inform traders of price changes or notifications on rug pulls that may affect their assets.

Euler.Tools also supports different wallets that can be connected to a central dashboard to get extensive information on cryptocurrencies. Users can also perform extensive data research on individual cryptocurrencies making Euler.Tools the ideal platform for traders.

A Meta Oracle Platform

The rise of decentralized finance is largely due to oracles that ensure interoperability to on-chain and off-chain. Oracle protocols like Chainlink do not have an accurate parameter for calculating an asset price.

Furthermore, Chainlink’s security measure is to compare the value with other oracles to get a consensus. This leads to high costs, and since every request costs Link tokens whose value has risen in recent months.

Euler.Tools solves this problem by aggregating not just the value of prices but also the result of transactions. This means that Euler.Tools does not only check the price but also analyzes the accuracy and usage of the asset value, making it a MetaOracle.

Traders will be able to access Euler.Tools oracles at zero cost apart from the gas cost as long as they have a valid Euler Subscription. Euler.Tools is working on developing its oracles on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and once the API’s are ready, traders will be able to get accurate price feeds for on-chain and off-chain trades.

What makes Euler.Tools different?

Euler.Tools is built for traders and includes three unique subscription models that will allow users access to various tools. The first model will integrate a system where users can access Euler.Tools by connecting a wallet that contains the EULER token.

Once connected, traders can access basic tools but will be charged for premium tools. This subscription method is similar to a freemium model where users access a free service but pay when they want to use extra features or tools.

The second subscription model implements a tiering system, where traders pay a fixed amount to access advanced features like portfolio management and can set up Telegram bots to send rugpull alerts.

Euler tool

The third method is designed for top traders and companies that require huge chunks of data to be processed. This subscription method provides full API keys for traders to interact with the tools offered by Euler.Tools.

All these tools are powered by the native token EULER, a BEP20 token. This token is deflationary with a built-in buyback mechanism. Traders will use the EULER token to pay for tools within the Euler.Tools ecosystem.

To learn more about Euler.Tools visit the website on and medium page

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