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Get ready for a massive bull market in the first quarter of 2022! Bitcoin and Ethereum price will ricochet off a support! – Coinpedia – Fintech & Cryptocurreny News Media

The value of the broader crypto market cap has dropped from $ 2.8 trillion to $ 2.18 trillion in one month. Established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano are now down more than 30 to 40% from their ATH. In addition, the crypto brotherhood expects a slightly more necessary correction for the next few weeks.

A crypto analyst Micheal Van De Poppe seems pretty confident that the bull market will start in early 2022 Video, he gave his views on a current corrective concept.

Unlike short bear markets in September or November, this time around, he expects a slightly longer consolidation for the next three or four weeks. He also shed light on the likelihood of the next Bitcoin and Ethereum bull cycle.

Bitcoin (BTC):

The flagship hasn’t seen major moves since November, it has generated consecutive lower highs since then. However, analyst Micheal Van De Poppe seems pretty confident that the bear cycle will prevail over the next three to four weeks. Bitcoin price is currently back in the August price range of around USD 48,000.

After ATH was asserted in October, it strengthened the zone between $ 56,000 and $ 58,000 and has gradually declined from there. In addition, the analyst expects a correction of up to $ 45,000. To confirm a massive rally in the first quarter of 2022, the analyst mentioned key support levels between $ 49,000 and $ 51,000.

Ethereum (ETH) :

Analyst Michael Van De Poppe emphasized how Ethereum price continued to hammer the lower support after the parabolic movement in October. Post entitled to ATH from $ 4891, the asset has an ongoing lower heights.

The protocol could fall further under his crucial supportto test if buyers are still interested in the asset. Howbiet, with regard to bearish dominance in the next few weeks, he expects a correction in the ETH price $ 3.6clbefore the bull run begins in early 2022.

Overall, to confirm the eagerly anticipated bull cycle through early 2022, crypto space needs to hold the current lows in the market. However, proponents and analysts across space are urging the community to look out for potential entry points before this bear cycle comes to an end.

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