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Gorilix (SILVA), Cartesi (CTSI), Celcius (CEL), Terra Classic (LUNC) & FIRO

Gorilix (SILVA)is well into its successful presale and has increased growth of over 250% since the presale began a month ago. Opening at $0.008 per token, SILVA is now selling for $0.0282135. With over 16.8 million SILVA tokens sold so far, it is fair to say the presale is successful. In the past day alone, approximately 1 million SILVA tokens were sold.

Touted as the next Moonshot following the likes of DOGE and SHIB after they experienced tremendous growth, SILVA is currently living up to those standards. If present trends continue, there is no reason why we can’t see SILVA achieve over 100% growth before its full launch on September 6th.

SILVA is available exclusively via the Gorilix Defi website.

To buy your SILVA tokens or learn more about Gorilix DEFI, visit

Cartesi (CTSI) is experiencing a great day in the markets, up 13% over the past 24 hours, making a solid recovery from its midweek dip that saw the price fall to $0.1328. Cartesi’s price currently sits a little higher than $0.1611 per token, and judging by its current trajectory; this may further increase.

centigrade is currently experiencing a mid-crisis pump. After filing for bankruptcy protection amid multiple investigations, the token has defied gravity and seen a sharp increase in value, rising upwards of 25% on July 15. The price increase seems rather characteristic, with CEL experiencing rallies and corrections consistently over the past 30- days. On June 21st, the price jumped as high as $1.5366 per token before quickly correcting itself; its current rally has seen the price go from $0.6121 to $0.7764 at the time of writing.

Terra Classic (LUNC) The latest Terra pump has seen the disgraced crypto jump 21% on the morning of July 15. It is thought that many traders are trying to get in and out as quickly as possible to take advantage of the brief pumps the crypto is receiving. The token has seen an almost 90% jump in value over 30 days

Firo (FIRO), the BEP20 token, has been making waves recently after an incredible rally this week that has seen the token more than quadruple in value. Although the most significant part of the rally may have passed, FIRO is still up 38% today.

To buy your SILVA tokens or learn more about Gorilix DEFI, visit

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