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Group N Proton Satria Neo rally car for sale in Japan

Proton Motorsports and the renowned Japanese auto parts manufacturer Carrosser Co Ltd (CUSCO) announced at the Tokyo Auto Salon that the Satria Neo is officially on sale in Japan for motorsport use. CUSCO is the Proton Authorized Dealer in Japan and is responsible for importing and distributing the Neo in Japan.

This is the result of the joint development of Proton Motorsports and CUSCO to produce Group N 1600cc Proton Satria Neo rally cars, which were first exhibited at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon.

The cars competed in the Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) last year and got a clean ride in the 2WD categories, winning the APRC 2WD Manufacturers Title, the APRC 2WD Driver (Karamjit Singh) and APRC Junior titles Drivers title (Akira Bamba) won. Meanwhile, Shuhei Muta also drove the Satria Neo at the Japan Rally to win the JN3 class title.

The rally cars developed for the Japanese domestic market are sold by CUSCO to participants in the junior rally championships in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. Proton and Carosser have also jointly developed Group N components for rally use on the Neo. CUSCO is a household name for aftermarket performance parts and the only independent company in Japan to compete in all categories of the All-Japan Championships: Track Racing, Rally, Dirt Trials and Gymkhana.

“In addition to working together on vehicles, we want to expand our business not just in Malaysia, but worldwide in order to develop performance parts and accessories together with Carroser,” said Datuk Abdul Razak Dawood, Head of Proton Motorsports.

“The main goal of this joint development is to further deepen the successful relationship with Proton Motorsports by presenting a sporty automobile to the Japanese market that has proven itself as a solid base machine for motorsport. In addition, Carrosser will endeavor to be committed to supporting various teams and end users using Proton machines in any given motorsport genre, particularly in the APRC, ”said Carrosser President Tsutomu Nagase.

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