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HashWatt Sustainable Bitcoin Mining and Captive ESG Energy Development Company announce the completion of the second round of financing to expand mining operations at their partner’s U.S. power plants

Previously, HashWatt signed the first contract of its kind with a US electricity supplier for the construction of large-scale crypto-mining operations on the site of several power plants (behind the nameplate) (connected directly to power plants before reaching the grid). . HashWatt, Inc. enables scalable investments in development mines from 7.5 MW to 50 MW. HashWatt owns and operates it is own mines with the aim of increasing #btc’s ownership position.

“The company is a strong advocate for sustainable and efficient #btc mining, the use of ESG power, and leadership in legitimizing the cryptocurrency / mining industry. HashWatt believes that a US-based digital asset mining company Industry is important to continue. ” World leader in financial services innovation. We are deeply committed to an ESG focus and working with regulators as we carry out our planned expansion to operate on a large scale. “said Kenyon Hayward, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HashWatt, Inc.

The company has stated that its scaling plans include immediate expansion to an additional 7.5 MW, followed by an expansion of 40 MW and a series of expansions of 50 MW. The company also intends to introduce complementary fintech blockchain services.

About HashWatt, Inc.
HashWatt, Inc.’s sustainable bitcoin mining and self-development of ESG energy are among the most efficient and cost effective miners in the US. HashWatt’s unique agreements with US power plants guarantee long-term, low-cost electricity with no grid-based regulatory risk and secure rental properties. These contractual agreements have a term of seven years and can be extended by three years. The company applies best-in-class practices in the mining market and strict business conduct and execution in accordance with United States laws and regulations. More information is available at

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