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Hedera Hashgraph seems to be regaining the lost momentum

Hedera Hashgraph – one of the most lucrative corporate platform solutions – is facing a lack of momentum against the US dollar. After pulling a flat but steadily growing trend, it broke a 5 month resistance with a bullish but short candlewick that was slightly above $ 0.060 at $ 0.061 the previous month.

It was right then as HBAR / USD broke the upper 20-day Bollinger band to gradually break through and break through the lower 20-day Bollinger band on a 24-hour chart.

Hedera Hashgraph seems to be regaining the lost momentum

Hedera Hashgraph price analysis

Hedera Hashgraph price newsTradingView’s HBAR / USD chart

HBAR price is currently trading at $ 0.037 after gaining slight momentum from its lowest level since the beginning of the month at $ 0.033. The coin tested recent supports after gradually pulling back from a bullish candlewick the previous month. However, the currency was just about to crash when the entire market saw test support along with the largest cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

In addition, Hedera Hashgraph is currently at its most recent low after a subtle uptrend. The Bollinger Bands that have been laid show no trading extremity, which is why we do not forecast a volatile breakout.

With the increase in dynamics over the course of the day, the MACD indicator from Hedera Hashgraph shows a declining crossover. However, the MACD line and the signal line intersect on the daily chart. The RSI of the coin stands at 37.23 with a confirmed slant towards the support area.

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