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Here’s How Much Crypto You Must Have to Work for Ripple: Company CTO

Yuri Molkhan

The blockchain giant CTO has shared what successful candidates must have to get a job at Ripple

In a recent tweet, Ripple fintech behemoth has shared a video to show some of its IT engineers sharing their experience at working for the company that is building a global network of cross-border payments.

The company’s CTO David Schwartz has mentioned that people often ask him how much crypto they need to have in order to get a job at Ripple. He pointed out that this is not relevant at all, and so the answer here is zero. Even prior experience of working with blockchain or crypto is not that important.

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— Ripple (@Ripple) May 27, 2022

What is well more crucial for Ripple, according to Schwartz, is an ability to quickly pick up new skills and constantly learn new stuff.


Ripple Labs was founded back in 2012 as OpenCoin and was rebranded a couple of years later.

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