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Human Trafficking Institute integrates the Bitcoin payment processor OpenNode to accept Bitcoin donations on the Lightning Network

With this partnership, OpenNode will make it easy for everyone to support the work of the Human Trafficking Institute (HTI) in the global fight against human trafficking by offering donors a new way to support their cause with Bitcoin. Accepting Bitcoin is important to HTI as it enables their donors to donate instantly from anywhere in the world. The Human Trafficking Institute is committed to solving a global problem with the support of the only currency that can be used worldwide. OpenNode is proud to promote the use of Bitcoin for such a noble and worthy cause.

“We are excited to work with OpenNode to offer our donors a new way to support our work at the Human Trafficking Institute. We believe in the funding potential Bitcoin can provide to our organization as we continue our work to decimate the trafficking of human beings in its location. ”Source by working in criminal justice systems to prosecute human traffickers. We are proud to partner with OpenNode to mobilize the growing Bitcoin community to activate resources to stop human traffickers and free victims. Every stopped trafficking means that future victims will not experience the trauma of human trafficking or the struggle for recovery. “- Victor Boutros, CEO of the Institute for Human Trafficking

OpenNode was founded in 2018 and provides trustworthy, reliable payment acceptance and withdrawal solutions for businesses. We drive adoption by creating great user experiences and building an elegant bridge between traditional currency and Bitcoin. From payment buttons to hosted checkout and from ecommerce plug-ins to streamlined APIs, OpenNode is the best way for businesses to benefit from instant billing and low transaction fees made possible by the world’s best currency network.

About the Institute for Human Trafficking

The Human Trafficking Institute is an NGO based in United States of America working with countries in developing countries to stop human trafficking.

To learn more about our work, visit

For more information or to contact us personally, send an email to: [email protected].

About OpenNode

OpenNode provides Bitcoin payment acceptance and withdrawal solutions for businesses. We are working to grow the Bitcoin economy by leveraging Bitcoin’s currency network to transfer value anywhere instantly and at the lowest possible cost.

For more information, please visit:

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