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In Pictures: Immersive Enter Tron club announce night at SWG3

Enter Tron is a hybrid of club night and dramatic science fiction installation. First created and performed at Sub Club five years ago, this homage to Steven Listberger’s 1982 cult classic film, Tron, has evolved and expanded into an immersive happening.

Working with club techs, installation teams and lighting programmers on the Glasgow creative scene, Enter Tron has become an intermittently staged event with tickets in high demand.

Enter Tron is a three stage project, the geometric ‘grid’ installation, the lighting design and programming, and the performance of a high-quality club soundtrack. Each element is carefully planned and balanced.

The first stage of the experience is the reveal, the entrance effect of seeing the illuminated clubland landscape. The second stage is the impact of the curated lighting treatment; geometric shafts of light, tight precise beams. The third layer is the music selections of the I AM DJ duo of Beta & Kappa, fashioning a pulsing futuristic dance experience to match the visual spectacle.

The Players on the Game Grid

I AM is a seven years established club residence based in Glasgow’s world famous Sub Club. Run and programmed by resident DJ duo Beta and Kapp. I AM have collaborated with a group of their Glasgow clubbing peers to create Enter Tron since its first presentation in 2012.

Shaun Murphy, formerly a member of the Vitamins club collective and Subcity Radio station, is a production designer, DJ, event promoter and technician, with previous projects including production design on Hudson Mohawke’s world tours in 2015 & 2017, Warp X Tate Britain take- over, Jackmaster’s Mastermix European tour 2016 and most recently Blade Runner 2049 x Boiler Room.

Marco Calzone has been heavily involved in Glasgow nightlife for more than a decade. With work under his belt with PR duties with Optimo (Espacio), production with Bigfoots Tea Party and Mungo’s HiFi, as a contributor and presenter at Subcity Radio and the co-founder and programmer at Philanthrobeats, a charity focused club and arts institution. In more art-focused production, Marco has also facilitated studio and gallery visual design projects for Saltmarket Design over the last 4 years.

Ticket details for the next two Enter Tron events

Friday 3rd November
GLASGOW /// SWG3 Galvenizers Yard – 100 Eastvale Place, G3 8QG
Tickets from From £12
Buy from EC —
Buy from RA
Friday 17th November
EDINBURGH /// Biscuit Factory – 4 – 6 Anderson Place, EH6 5NP
Tickets from From £10
Buy from EC
Buy from RA

Pictures by Tommy Ga-Ken Wan and Bartosz Madejski

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