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Introducing: Baby Blobs – The FIRST interactive NFT collection on Solana

The groundbreaking NFT project creates interactive baby blobs that can grow with their owners

Maharashtra, India, December 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

The team at Blobnimation is proud to introduce Bably Blobs, the very first interactive HTML-based NFTs on Solana. These baby blobs have multiple interactive functions like crushing the fun balls, moving face according to your cursor movement and jumping. For buyers, new additional features will be added in the near future.

Blobnimation – The creators of Baby Blobs believe in offering the best. However, the makers went one step further and designed the NFT interactively using HTML. Users are allowed to play with the mouse pointer with the baby blobs, crushing them and making them bounce.

Blob Rarity – Baby Blobs are divided into 4 levels, each representing the rarity of the Baby Blob artwork.

Level 1: A simple background with an unpatterned or gradient blob.
Level 2: Patterned background with a patterned or textured blob.
Level 3: A unique hand-drawn blob and its variations with a hand-drawn background to complement the blob.
Level 4: Unique unique blob and a unique unique background that is specific only to that blob.

Baby Blobs debuted on Solana, one of the fastest growing blockchains in the cryptocurrency market that can process over 50,000 transactions per second. To top it off, Baby Blobs is the first interactive NFT in Solana history. Imagine having the first coin ever, the first car, the first painting, or even the first computer. Solana is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies and Baby Blobs made history by being the first in its market to introduce itself as something that appeals to you.

Blobartwork – 150 unique backgrounds, 1000 different bases, and 60 distinctive faces ensure that each is special enough for everyone and avoid duplicates. With his unique creation, collectors will own rare Blob NFTs at an affordable price. In addition, collectors are also able to interact with and play with the blob as it grows and matures.

The story goes on

Blob Validity – An amazing company called FTX exclusively launched Baby Blobs on their Mint Day and bagged them up before another company could make an offer. Various NFT influencers and the CEO of FTX tweeted about the purchase and their own exclusive blobs. A successful charity campaign was carried out in which an exclusive baby blob was auctioned.

Several measures were taken into account when creating baby blobs. The project has been carefully designed so that collectors can interact with and play with, or even hold it as an investment over time. Although they faced several problems and caused a bad reputation during their coining, the team quickly fell over and developed the product further and served the needs.

The developers have decided to pause the imprint, introduce more interactive features and introduce background stories. Community relationships may not be a top priority for many NFT artists or developers, but the Baby Blobs team is here to thrive with those who make a piece of crypto history, and most importantly, they’re here to listen.

For those lucky enough to mint a few baby blobs before the mint break, congratulations are in order as they grow over time and for those who have chosen to move on to digital artwork, flora, fauna, or primates, give baby blobs a try, they will grow with you.

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CONTACT: Name: Shalin Peter Organization: Baby Blobs Phone: +91702090451

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