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Is Bitcoin Headed To $10,000? Rocketize Token and Binance Coin Could Be an Escape Plan

Many media outlets have reported that Bitcoin is circling toward its death – in fact, this has been predicted more than 400 times. In 2022 alone, many pundits and critics have predicted Bitcoin to be dead many times as the crypto market went into a downward spiral.

Bitcoin is far from dead. In fact, many big institutions like JP Morgan, Tesla, Meta, and so forth, have large Bitcoin holdings. Bitcoin is a top store of value for many high-volume traders. Nevertheless, Bitcoin has suffered greatly from the crypto crash since peaking in November 2021.

Many analysts believe that Bitcoin may dip further to about $10,000 before initiating a lasting bull ride. While this Bitcoin prediction could be true considering many negative factors and trends around Bitcoin lately, Rocketize Token (JATO), and Binance Coin (BNB) could offer a worthy escape plan for those who hold Bitcoin.

Why Binance Coin Could Be A Better Crypto Than Bitcoin At The Moment

Bitcoin is no longer a blue-chip cryptocurrency for beginner traders. Only advanced traders with a large crypto holding may afford Bitcoin even at its current value.

Binance Coin is still a blue chip cryptocurrency considering its unit value and its potential to soar to higher price units in the future. Binance Coin maintains strict deflationary token protocols. It’s reported to be the only cryptocurrency to be at least 90% deflationary.

This implies that Binance Coin will continue to be burned to increase scarcity and drive higher demands on its market.

Binance Coin is also supported by a robust and growing ecosystem that is set to overtake Ethereum someday. The BNB Smart Chain and BNB Beacon Chain are among the scalable blockchains powering DeFi, courtesy of BNB Coin.

Aside from being a liquid cryptocurrency, anyone could stake their BNB holdings in a whitelisted staking wallet such as Trust Wallet. Beginners will find Binance Coin (BNB) very resourceful in the long term.

Rocketize Token: The Second Potential Escape Pod For Crypto Traders

Rocketize Token is, first of all, a meme cryptocurrency. Secondly, it runs on the BNB Smart Chain. Aside from these qualities, Rocketize Token is a cryptocurrency designed to scale in the future.

Rocketize Token will power a huge ecosystem and DeFi network, which is not common for a meme coin. Like Shiba Inu, it is set to become the next Dogecoin or even better.

Rocketize Token will be used to initiate transactions on the Rocketize Project. NFT trades and creation will also be initiated with Rocketize Token.

So, Rocketize Token will aim to build a strong community around its project—from the token down to the up-and-coming innovations.

At the moment, Rocketize Token is still in its infancy and offers beginner traders the privilege to come alive in the crypto market. Its presale has been running for some time now and could end anytime soon.

You can join this fast-growing community by buying and holding its utility meme token, $JATO (Rocketize Token). There are benefits to be shared among early birds you join during the presale.

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