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Is it Worth Buying Ether Now If Its Price Will Double by 2022?

Ethereum’s main selling point is its ability to be programmed. More people are working in the ecosystem than with any other cryptocurrency; this increases its usability, accessibility, and ultimately its rate of adoption by trading bots like Ethereum Code. These days, discussions of NFTs, smart contracts, yield, etc., are common place. Ethereum’s application drives cryptocurrency demand, which drives up the token price.

How Is Ethereum Distinctive Among Other Cryptocurrencies?

Many other cryptocurrencies are currently tradeable. Bitcoin is one of Ethereum’s main rivals in the cryptocurrency market. The conflict has persisted for some time, and maximalists have taken to calling it the Bitcoin flipping conflict.

The market caps of Bitcoin and Ethereum were similarly close in 2017. As can be seen on, Ethereum’s market cap was $34 billion, while Bitcoin’s was $41 billion.
Since 2017, there has been a noticeable difference, but bitcoin’s market share continues to decline. For some, this has meant switching their bitcoin holdings to Ethereum. Dogecoin is another cryptocurrency worth mentioning because of its remarkable rise from obscurity.

Prediction is difficult because research is rarely sufficient to help. It’s natural to let your feelings influence your choices at times. A cryptocurrency’s value can fall by 90% in a month, but it is also possible to make a 10,000% profit on your investment in the years following a 90% loss.

Perspectives on Ethereum’s Future

The consensus among experts in the field is that Ethereum will skyrocket in value in the coming years. It is the prediction of founder and CEO Cathie Wood that Ethereum’s market cap will reach $20 trillion by 2030. At that rate, one ether would cost close to $166,000.

One of the most optimistic predictions made by industry professionals’s experts, including the company’s founder, Fred Schebesta, predict that Ethereum’s (ETH) price will reach around $26,500 by the end of 2030.

Long-term perspective

The value of Ethereum has soared. The price of Ethereum, the cryptocurrency at the heart of the blockchain revolution, can only rise at the current rate of industry growth. Seats on Ethereum currently cost $3,405 each. However, analysts estimate that by 2030, the cost will have risen to $50,788.

Growth in the metaverse and NFT submarkets has attracted new investors to the financial system. There will be a rise in the value of Ethereum and other products built on the Ethereum blockchain as mainstream investors become more curious about the metaverse. Ethereum is the platform of choice for most NFT and metaverse initiatives.

As a result, a sudden increase in costs is inevitable. According to the analysts at Coin Price Forecasts, the value of one Ethereum token will have increased by 440% by the year 2030, reaching roughly $18,000.

In verdict

Don’t share financial information or access questionable URLs. Hackers may steal from an unknowing user’s wallet. When handling money online, employ two-factor authentication. Cryptocurrency traders should also take precautions to secure their social media profiles. In the world of crypto, even your closest friends and family could be vulnerable to identity theft. Take care of altcoin pumps and dumps, giveaway scams, and NFT scams. You should always be learning about the latest security tools because you are the primary line of defense against fraudsters. Keep your Ether in a cold storage wallet for maximum safety.

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