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Is It Worth Investing in NEO Crypto in December 2022?

The year 200 turned out to be challenging for the world economy and the crypto industry in particular. The period when the market is moving down is called “crypto winter”. Experienced investors claim that the downtrend is the best time for collecting a portfolio of crypto assets. There should be both popular and large assets such as Bitcoin and little-known but promising tokens such as NEO crypto. Let’s take a look at the Neo project and figure out its prospects.

What is NEO?

The NEO token was released in 2014, and it is now traded on all large crypto platforms. As of late November 2022, the NEO price ranges around $6. The currency was developed on the AntShares blockchain, which allows digitizing real sector assets into tokens. This idea was welcomed in China, and the project has raised funds for the development through ICO. Some facts about NEO:

  • Fast transactions

  • Connecting the real sector assets with blockchain

  • Smart contracts

  • Common programming languages

  • Smart economy implies that every user is identified

  • Centralization.

So far, the Neo project is popular in China but has yet to be discovered in Europe. If the project continues developing, it will likely become the foundation for the world’s economic tokenization. Experts believe the NEO cryptocurrency price can reach $32 in 2025. So it is worth paying attention to this asset in December 2022. Investors recommend buying cheap and promising assets in a small amount to hedge risks in case one of them does not show growth. Just pick some up-and-coming projects and invest small sums in them.

If you are interested, you can buy NEO token on the WhiteBIT crypto exchange. It is a reliable platform for trading and investment with positive reviews on the internet. The platform operates officially and complies with all the laws and requirements in the crypto field.

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