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Jannus Live welcomes San Holo | Diversions

ST. PETERSBURG – Dutch DJ, musician and record producer San Holo will take the stage at Jannus Live, 200 First Ave. on Thursday, December 23rd. N., St. Petersburg.

The gates will open at 7 p.m. Advance tickets are $ 20. Call 727-565-0550 or visit

Dutch producer Lives is known for creating a world of beauty and feel between the build-and-drop bombast of post-EDM and the intimate reflections of ambient post-rock. Emerging as a future bass producer in the Soundcloud era, Holo’s unique style and honest approach to songwriting has earned him a loyal following who supported his independent debut album and cemented the artist as a star in a league of his own, while earning the praise by critics and colleagues of rock icons.

Whether you’re playing a sold out show at the Shrine, a huge crowd playing at Coachella, or headlining the Red Rocks Amphitheater, every holo show feels like an intimate experience. His fans are extremely loyal and sing along to every song, some of them tattooed with his lyrics and many of them decorating their social handles with echoes of his “stay alive” philosophy.

“I don’t care if I play in front of 300 or 5,000 people as long as the people there understand what I’m trying to do,” Holo said in a press release from Heroic Music Group. “Every song by me is a personal experience, a feeling or a moment in my life. It feels like a piece of myself and when people are touched by my music it feels like they understand a bit about me. In the end, we all just want to connect. For me this is a real success. “

The catalog, born as Sander van Dijck, reads like a diary. He fell in love with punk and alt-rock, learned to play the guitar and make noises himself. As a teenager he hopped from band to band and even studied guitar at Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam.

It was at the university that he first came across digital production software.

Fascinated by the freedom electronic music creation offers, Holo realized that he didn’t need a full band to bring his precise vision to life.

As with many producers his age, Holo’s success began with remixing, and in 2014 his brilliant trap edits of Outkast, 50 Cent and Nelly, which appeared on a series called “Don’t Touch the Classics,” caught bloggers’ attention and DJs. His revision by Dr. Dres “The Next Episode” exploded on Soundcloud and has collected more than 234 million views on YouTube to date.

Until 2017, Holo was considered the bastion of the future bass movement. The only problem was that “Future Bass” was out of date as a genre. Uninspired by formulaic structures and plastic pop crossovers, he dug deep into his soul and relied on himself.

“I’ve got offers from major labels and I’ve tried to make a hit with the radio audience, but that’s not something that can be taken for granted,” he said. “I hate to follow this at all and I just realized that I got where I am by doing what I love, which is making songs that are based on my personal experiences and that people connect with be able.”

His 2018 debut LP “album1” was a risky and compelling exploration of intersectional sounds. With a mixture of clear electric guitar with Trap 808s, indie pop melodies with explosive bass drops and organic, analog recordings with electronic shine, “album1” puts the artistic soul of Holo in the spotlight. He even found the courage to write deeply personal lyrics and set his own singing to music, alongside well thought out collaborations with Bipolar Sunshine, James Vincent McMorrow, and others.

“Album1” was named best dance album at the Edison Pop Awards in the Netherlands and best electronic album at the International Dance Music Awards.

“I feel so naive that it made me feel so insecure,” said Holo of mixing guitars with his electronic sound. “People like electronic sounds mixed with real instruments. People get it. It was such a scary thing for me back then because it was so different from my previous work, but now I feel like indie-meets-EDM-Sonic has really become my thing. “

If “Album1” was about finding a home in the grand scheme of electronic music, then Holo’s second album “bb u ok?” Was about living in it. Released in June, the album contains 20 tracks and conveys a message of pure creative trust. It is San’s love letter to his listeners, his friends and the moments of amazement.

Where “album1” pioneered a post-EDM sound that blurred the lines between festival anthems and lo-fi bedroom ballads. On “bb u ok?” Holo explores this intersection further by mixing more analog instruments and devices into his electronic sound. It’s another step on his journey to create his very own sound and genre that combines his influences of indie, post-rock and EDM while addressing the greater feeling that brings us all together.

“That’s the big thing that moves me,” he said. “The incomprehensibility of things that are so much bigger. When you have a connection with someone, a friend, or maybe a partner, there is a connection and a certain energy goes back and forth between you and that other person. You don’t know what it is but you know it is there and I have a feeling that trying to put that feeling into words just doesn’t do it justice. I have a feeling that maybe music does that sometimes. “

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